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Hey guys

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Hey I havent been here for a long while, my computer crashed and I got a new one for graphic arts( really nice powerful computer that runs Crysis at 60 FPS) any ways, Mr Jinx is doing well. And I am close to getting a job for a comics company doing the inking. I am talking to Dynamite Entertainment. Mr Jinx has started sleeping on my chest while I am sitting at the computer desk watching videos or something, he has gotten even more clingy. Oh and I introduced him to my sister's german shepherd. They were fast friends, Mr Jinx rubbed up against him and head butted him and Kody started licking him. It was a cute sight to behold and eventually, Mr Jinx started following Kody around like he does with me. (My mom's dachsund, Hans hates BOTH of them). I have also become a fan of a show from Britain called Top Gear, its a show about cars. But, its a show that even people who are not fans of cars can enjoy. I completely forgot about this site after my computer crashed. I had an old Dell GX-1 Optiplex that I had installed a 100gig hd and a video card. It was slow and laggy, and kept getting viruses. I had to re-format the HD 5 times and the read/write cycle was beginning to show signs of decay.

Lets just say my new computer is like going from a Yugo with fake chrome rims and a cheap carbon fiber decal on the hood to a Ferrari Enzo FXX
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Great news about your new computer!

I love clingy cats . enjoy it!
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Welcome back. I'm glad you're enjoying your new computer. They can be a pain at times.
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Originally Posted by Kalikat View Post
Welcome back. I'm glad you're enjoying your new computer. They can be a pain at times.
Yeah, Vista is not as bad as everyone says it is, you just have to know how to run as administrator. Crysis is a fun game, VERY demanding on the hardware, but I needed that to benchmark my graphics and RAM. I spent another 300 bucks on an SLI graphics card that has a fan installed on it. It runs Photoshop CS4 well and only use about 60% of physical memory( RAM)
I do like to play Crysis as a stress relief from time to time. I bought an Xbox 360 in November 07 and was playing COD 4 for the longest time.
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Oh i remember you!. As soon as i saw Mr Jinx name i remembered

Welcome back
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welcome back!...
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