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Um... my boyfriend is a bonehead!

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Um... so I went to, my boyfriend, Trav's house this afternoon for an evening of pizza and a Family Guy marathon, courtesy of my dear bf's birthday gift to me. It was nice... I got to fulfill my week-long dream of just laying with my head on his chest and his arm around me and it was just so nice bc I've been very frazzled.

at about 10:15-ish, I grabbed a drink out of his refridgerator (sp?) and commented about how he needs some ice trays since the freezer's ice maker doesn't work. Boy Genious decided he was going to fix that problem right then......................... he flooded his kitchen.

I just started laughing and asked what on earth possessed him to take on that "project" so late at night??? He thought it would be an easy fix, but the water pipe leading to the fridge is leaking, thus the flooded kitchen. He poured Pine Sol (sp?) in the water and decided to mop/vaccum the rest of the water. I helped him get the vaccum ready and then I left, bc there wasn't really anything for me to do, and he told me to go on and go since I was late leaving (I have my last final tomorrow (Friday)).

Anyway, I just wanted to share my love's boneheadedness with you all.
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that is hysterical!!!

wow reminds me of when my fiance "fixed" the toilet....
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Um -- Pine-Sol is toxic to cats, I understand, so please be sure there's none left around for them to get into! (Or are all the cats at your place?)
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Oh honey, you do know he was trying to show how "manly" he is....and failed miserably. Don't think of him as a "bonehead"...think of him as a very ill timed repairman. My ex-boyfriend once tried to repair the toilet at 12:30am (all it needed was a zip tie to hold the stupid arm to the plunger thingy), and it took a trip to KMart at 2:00 to get a whole new toilet thing because he was DETERMINDED! I was not impressed.

At least you go leave and get some sleep after that. Hope your exam went ok, and hope he got the mess cleaned up!
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OMG that is just sooooo funny!!! I love when they try to be all "manly" and play Mr. Fixit. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out the way that they picture it! Sometimes, you just have to go somewhere and laugh to yourself. Or maybe out loud, depending on how bad it is.

A friend of my hubby's, who was supposed to be helping him, drilled a HOLE clear through the engine of my van once....I was a few months away from moving 1200 miles away out of state with that very van. Needless to say he had to find me another engine. That has been the man-blunder of the decade in my book.
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That in my opinion, is just a typical man Have to prove themselves by becoming Mr. Fixit, no matter what time of day
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Reading these posts makes me very grateful for my man that actually can fix almost anything.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
Reading these posts makes me very grateful for my man that actually can fix almost anything.
Me too

Funny stuff! And my fiance's name is Travis too...not too common of a name
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