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Star Wars or Star Trek?

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Which do you prefer? I have seen polls in the past that are just about 50-50. It's usually pretty close.

I personally prefer Star Trek. I suppose it runs in the family, because my mum and brother are huge Trekkies too.
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Star Trek. I love the "intellectual" side of Star Trek. Star Wars is more "action hero" based.
The Next Generation with Captain Pickard Rocks! The other series I can do without.

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Love all things Trek..... I like Star Wars as well, but 5 movies over the course of 25 years just doesn't cut it.
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Star Trek without a doubt! I still like the old corney first Star Trek-Captain Kirk before he gained weight and a toupee-LOL. It was kind of a landmark show I think-a Black and an Asian in the crew. (not meaning any offense-it was a good thing!)
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Gosh, I hope I didn't say the wrong thing. Maybe I should have said African-American (Uhura) and Oriental. (Sulu) What I meant was the cultural diversity was unusual at the time I think.
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This sums it up for me:

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Ha Ha Deb!

I definetly like Star trek, but I'm more partial to Voyager and Deep Space Nine rather than the original...
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No doubt for me - Star Trek TOS!!!! i am a bit of a closet Trekkie, but only for the 60's series. Love it!! the clothes! The Hair!! The stupid monsters ( mind you I am very fond of the Horta )
I had a big "thing"for Cpt Kirk ! Just hearing the theme music sends me off into dreamland....
I think the Star Wars movies are BORING
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Another vote for Star Trek here!

I like all of them - recently I caught one of the earliest episodes from the 60's (haven't seen them before) and it was so funny

I love the Star Trek movies too - but I think usually the TV series is better (the stories are too long). Both generations are cool. I also like Voyager a lot. I think it captures the original Star Trek spirit.

The first Star Wars movies (the original ones - not the new sequels) were awesome at the time. I certainly fell for Han Solo I don't think they age very well though - they seem a bit corny these days. And the new ones are ok at best - no more.
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I love the original Star Trek series and the first couple of movies were pretty good. I haven't seen any of the recent Star Wars movies.

The best episode of Star Trek was "Amok Time". It was good to see Spock getting some. (I still have a crush on Leonard Nimoy).
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I like Star trek, Most all from the 60s to now. When I was A kid I though Leonard Nimoy was so smart and cool! Spock was my favorite. Latter on I liked Data with his cat Spot.
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I never was a Star Trek fan so I don't know much about it..I have always loved Star Wars though!
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Hmmmm....I like them both. I loved Star Trek TNG, Capt. Picard rocked!! Not much of a fan of the newer ones though. Capt. Janeway put me off and I stopped watching.

Having said that I love Star Wars too. I can barely wait til the next Episode comes out, I have Episodes 1 and 2 on DVD and the original three on VHS. My friends and I all own official Star Wars Light Sabers - on the weekends in the summer we get together after dark and have Light Saber fights- its an absolute blast (only leaves the occasional bruise when a Jedi gets a little over-zealous )
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I just thought of something-the first Siamese cat we ever had we named after a character in a Star Trek episode. Our cat was named Icsis and was a male, although in the show Icsis was a black cat who turned into a beautiful woman. The episode was called "Assignment Earth." Does anyone remember that episode?
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I am a first generation trekkie. Still have the hots for MR Spock.
Had a kitten named Spock once, and his sister bit him and caused an absess -- so I named her the klingon.

I was grown when Star Wars came out, and while it was a fun movie I did not really bother with the others -- to much fx and a plot older than me. (think EROL FLYN)
Although I did have major problems with the first Star Trek movie, for the same reason -- to much special effects, not enough plot.

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naming a cat after a Star Trek character is cool!
I have always thought a really sweet,very fluffy pussy could be called "TRIBBLE"...Hmm...maybe one day
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I like them both. I am more partial to Star Trek because it is more readily available, but I wouldn't miss anything new in either canon.
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Star Trek!! Resistance is futile! I love those scary Borg. I also have a thing for Ferengi.
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Star Trek!
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I love all things sci-fi, and could happily watch Star Trek all day! I love the original Star Wars films, but the new ones just don't do it for me
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Id say both, but not the new Star Wars films which I think are...... (well words I can't really post)
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ALL TREK!!! New, old... love it all!!

I like Babylon 5 too. Star Wars is classic stuff, but only the originals.
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I am a die-hard Trekkie and a Star Wars geek. I love both!

Star Trek is set in the future and is more technical (kind of more grown-up, some adult issues).

Star Wars is set in the past, and has more of a fantasy/mythical theme to it.

Either way both series / movies have great storylines and awesome characters.

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I never really got into Star Trek, I liked The Next Generation or whatever it was ok but the original and the rest of the series I could do with out.

But Star Wars? I love my Star Wars even the new movies even though they are crappy. I collect the figures, own the original three movies in multiple format, can quote from it, and have the complusion to buy just about anything that has the words Star Wars on the package. Yes I am a Star Wars geek. My friends and I already have a Star Wars day planned once the last movie come out on DVD, where we'll just sit around and watch all six movies.
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Star Trek, although I really haven't seen that many of TNG or the others except for the movies. I REALLY loved the original Star Wars movies, but IMHO George Lucas can't direct worth diddly and most of the actors' "acting" is wooden at best.

I did have a cat named Tribble (blue-cream point Himalayan so she was certainly fluffy) and all my Coon males have traced back to Hillside Mr. Spock. Story goes that as a kitten Spock was "all ears" !
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Star wars
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Star Trek. Star Wars Episodes IV, V, & VI were excellent. I, II, & III were horrible!

Anyone here watch Babylon 5 or Crusade? Both are high on my list of favorite Sci-Fi series...
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Fellow Trekkies, its an honour to be among you.
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Don't like either!
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