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Chantilly is white all over (cept her tabby patch over an eye and her tabby tail). Chantilly appears to be herself and healthy and happy and is sitting in her armchair with Vienna right this instant. I have noticed quite often she will get crusting around her nostrils. It is black and I guess it is this colour as it has dried? I wipe her nose for her and she doesn't really like it. Is it perhaps because she is a white cat that the crusting is more noticable? Shes hardly ever been outside (a part from the odd sitting on the doorstep before realizing it's cold and rushing back in)! I am going to mention it when she goes to the vets. Chantilly was sick about two weeks a go, brown sticky nasty stuff but I put it down to some thing she'd eaten as she seemed perfectly fine chasing Tiramisu around the house afterwoulds. Any one who knows what can cause fluffy princesses to have dirty noses would be very helpful!!! Thank you
Just to add I am not wiping her nose every day but I do notice the crusting about ever 2-5 days apearing around her nostrils. I'll just add some thing else Tiramisu and Caspian don't get the crusting around their nostrils but I have been noticing Vienna is getting it(but not as much as Chantilly)!