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Hi, I started my 14 year old female cat on Flovent 1 week ago.
She seems to have no adverse reactions.

I have 2 questions:
I am going away for a week and will not be able to give her meds while gone (no one would be able to get near her to do so very shy cat).
I wouldn't say she had severe ashtma, do you think she'd be fine going off it for a week and restarting again?

My cat does a swallowing thing occationally (almost like a hiccup swallow), is this realated to ashtma?

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Yes for my cat the swallow is related to the asthma. When she is on her Depo shot she doesn't have it. The vet said it's from an irritated esophagus. I would ask your vet about your cat not having her inhaler.
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I have done that with Coco when her asthma wasnt vet.
She has not had her flovent in a few weeks.
Ask the evt what to do.
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Why don't you board her at the vet while you're gone? They will insure that she gets her meds.
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I spoke with the Vet and they said it would be fine to go off the Flovent for the week because its not systemic.

Thank you for your responses.
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