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Back from the vets

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1. Wheezing: his lungs are clear, his nose is clear, eyes are good and no fever. The Vet is thinking it could be the beginnings of an URI, a mild one or the end of one. He didn't wheeze at all while we were there.

I was given antibiotics to try: Clavaseptin for 1wk. If he tolerates them, and is not any better, she will give another week of antibiotics. (she prescribed them for both the wheezing and the tail issues)

2. Weight: I was wrong He is not underweight....he's delicately boned as she put it. He weighs 4.2lbs.

3. Tail missing fur: she is concerned about Ringworm and took a culture. Apparantly it takes 2wks to develop the culture and get an answer. She did mention that ringworm is tramitable to humans and other pets though. Of course, I will be researching this one.

4. No ear mites, just a dirty ear. No fleas. No worms in the fecal.

5. Eating: she is concerned about him not eating much. She gave me a sample of the food they sell to try. She did say it could be the adjustment period as well, but to keep trying with the wet.

6. Heart murmer: he has a slight one. She said on a scale of 1 - 6 (6 being the worse) his is just a 1.

Did I mention I LOVE my vets office. She laughed and said she didn't need to convince me of anything...she was talking about feeding canned food for male cats especially, and I told her I wanted to. We were on the same page about everything.

Bottom line: I go back in a couple weeks to check him out, check his weight, etc. as well as they will phone about the ringworm.

If he develops a runny nose, or the wheezing doesn't stop, I bring him back.

So aside from the possible ringworm, he's pretty healthy.


-any good links on ringworm?
- anything I need to watch for with the antibiotic?

i think that's it (probally not but... LOL)
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I am glad he is ok.
My Meeko has a heart murmur and she is now 8.5 years old.
Hers is worse then his and she is fine.
I think its clavamox you got with another name.
One of my cats gets sick on it and can not have it.
It works good with the other cats.

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can't help w/links for ringworm, but it's a fungal infection. if you catch it, any anti-fungal cream will get rid of it - like Lotrimin, Monistat, etc.
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I was wrong on his age. His former owner and I talked today, he was born July 17th, so he is indeed a little underweight. Hopefully he can start gaining weight soon.

Thanks for the info
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