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Sewing needle for yarn?

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Does anyone know what size sewing needle would be appropriate for worsted yarn? I just finished weaving a wool blanket, but I don't like how my edges came out. I wanted to take yarn and just loop stitch the two edges to give it a more polished look, but I have no idea what size needle to get or where to get it from.
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You need to go to the crochet and knitting section of your local craft store, or Wal-mart if yours still has a craft dept., and look for what is called a tapestry or yarn needle. It has a large enough eye for any worsted weight yarn to go through, and a blunt tip so that you won't kill yourself as you weave in the ends. They come in steel or plastic. Hope that helps!
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Thanks! I can't wait to finish this thing and curl up in it.
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They are also called "bodkins".
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And in the beading world, we have something called a "Big-Eye Needle" that's great for all sorts of things. It's made up of two thin, flexible needles joined at the ends (one sharp, one blunt), so the whole needle is one giant eye!
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Thanks everyone, I found a needle at a craft store last night and finished my blanket. It's so warm! I used a wool warp, and Lamb's Pride [85% wool, 15% mohair] weft.
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You should post a picture, if you have the time! I can knit and crochet, but I've never woven anything. How long did the project take?
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The blanket took about 30 hours total. Winding warp, threading the loom, weaving and tying off. Scarves and shawls take 4-8 hours usually. I will post a photo later.
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