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Stubby has lung cancer...

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and omg its so hard on him. its heartbreaking really. he's my first cat and is 13years old. we have only lived together for 8 years. he is my alpha cat and my kitty boyfriend. stubby is such a good boy.
im sobbing my face off right now typing this. but i dont want to sob in front of stubby. he refuses to get off my pile of dirty clothes
i came here because i know you are all cat lovers and know how this feels for me n stubbs.
at this point i'm only asking for prayers for stubby's quick and not as painful passing.
thank you thank you everyone
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Stubbs will be in my thoughts! I wish the best for the both of you.

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I'm so sorry to hear about Stubby This is such horrible news to receive. Did the vet offer any sort of pallative treatment options? Did the vet give a prognosis?
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I'm so sorry to hear about Stubby. My Wayne was diagnosed with lymphoma without a chance of survival. I kept in touch with the Vet to make sure he wasn't in pain, and the Vet assured me he wasn't.

Wayne passed away peacefully on his own, not in pain, right beside me...I still miss the big lug!!

Good luck with Stubby, give him the best life you can, and make him happy till he goes to the Bridge.

Lots of to you and your Stubbs.
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I am so sorry about Stubby, My Bella had lung cancer too
my thoughts, heart and prayers are with you both
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I'm so sorry - prayers for a peaceful passing, and for you to receive all the strength you need at this time.
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thank you so much everyone. stubby left us last night. i am a better person for having known him
....and i still have two fur-snakes at home that are also adjusting to this new lack of stubby-ness in our home.
its only been one night but there are different routines already.

it still hurts so much. even though i knew he was going to go...i still held onto hope that he'd pull another life outta somewhere.

on the other hand it feels better that he can take full breaths now and hes prolly running around like a kitten at the rainbow bridge.

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I'm so sorry for your pain and heartache. I only hope Stubby went peacefully.
I know the feeling all too well.

I miss my favorite cats to this day and it's been 4 and 9 years. My husband and I have been lucky enough, however, to find two other truly amazing cats. I never thought I would find cats as great as the two I had growing up. Because this is your first cat, don't let this experience deter you from getting another one when you are ready. They brighten your life and give you so much.

May Stubby always be with you.
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I'm so sorry too! Your Stubby is at the Bridge happy and running and jumping...he's going to meet lots of wonderful new friends too...

He thanks you for all your love and caring....and will never forget you!
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I'm so sorry to hear about Stubby. What a sweet guy. I hope you and your other furbabies find peace and acceptance. I'm really glad he had a lot of good years with you. My Smudge (the first) died at 5 months so I know how hard it is to let go.
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I'm so sorry about Stubby. I've had cats for many years and everyone I've lost has been difficult. In time, hopefully, you can share your love for Stubby with another deserving kitty. My prayers are with you.
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I am so sorry for your loss. Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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It is hard to respond to this post, I had a cat die 3 yrs ago after having part of a lung removed trying to save her and I know how it hurts. I'm sorry for your loss and my prayers are with you.
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