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Buying presents FROM the Furbabies

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I always buy my boyfriend presents from the furbabies. He is their Daddy afterall. I even buy his Father Day’s presents from them…of course my boyfriend doesn’t mind. In fact, the last Fathers day he proudly displayed his Fathers day card for all to see…. This coming from a guy who was concerned everyone would make fun of him for having so many animals .

Anyway, I am babbling again… I was sitting with my friends at work explaining I was stressed because I needed one more presents to be done for my boyfriend. I explained I only had 4 presents. They asked why I needed 5 and I explained I needed one for all our animals and one for me… of course all but my animal lover friend laughed at me LOL.

So… do you guys buy your loved ones presents from the furbabies?
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Absolutely! They sign their own cards, too!
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Yep, and they also sign cards
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Oh yea of course the first presents I bought this year was from my furbabies
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yes, Toby has been buying lots of gifts this year
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Yup Rob gets gifts from the furbabies for his birthday and Christmas. Last year, I even got him a card from them. It had a cat on the front and said "I got you a present for your birthday..." Inside it said "I hope you like a dead mouse".

We used to get gifts from the cats when we were kids also, my mom would sign a few from the cats.
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Not usually presents, but the cats have been known to get Jess cards now and then
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How exactly does a cat sign a card?

I don't usually do this but I have done the occasional card from them.
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hahaha YES! Yes I do! It's usually something like a new shirt like one that maybe our dog tore up or paper towels from my cats to help clean up vomit... gag-gifts, if you will!
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Yes they even pick out the gifts. I show them three or four items that I know DH wants and which ever one they sniff of paw at is the one the get to give to daddy. I need to get more of a life
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My cats are great gift givers They give gifts to their grandparents and to their cousins, step brother and sister and to their Daddy of course and to me
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My cats give gifts and cards, too, but to Jim, Kiko and Ducky never give him anything because they are not terribly fond of him. Its a joke in our house when it comes time for Jim to get something that Ducky and Kiko's name is never on it
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i was just thinking about what they will be giving thier daddy for thir first xmas home (and tonks's first ever xmas)
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