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Poor Bonnie!

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As some of you know my boyfriend and I got our fourth furbaby over a month ago. When I first brought her to the vet they thought she had mites. What it really was was the SPCA (not my cities, but a tiny little city about 2 hours from here, not government run, donation run) had treated her for Mites twice but did not clean her ears. Her ears were caked black with what I guess is dead mite stuff. The vet cleaned it all out and we were sent home with eye infection meds for her URI and she got a shot for her URI.

Yesterday I took her to the vet again because her URI still has not gone away and her eye was goo’ing green stuff. I was worried because we are going on a cruise for a week on Sunday and wanted to make sure I didn’t have to set her up with a sitter that came more then once a day.

Anyway, it was a new vet as my vet was on vacation and again….they thought she had mites. It turns out that black goo that the SPCA never cleaned out was lodged all the way through her ear canal so far in that the vet didn’t want to dig that deep to clean it. We cleaned as much as possible and when my baby shook her head all this puss and blood flew everywhere… my poor baby!! I cant believe they didn’t even clean her ears after giving her her Mite meds.

So now my poor baby looks like a diseased drowned rat LOL. Between her boogery nose, eye drops that make them water, plus the green stuff coming out of her eye, along with the ear meds that leak out and make her ears wet, as well as Bruno drooling all over her face giving her kisses, she looks like a poor sorry soul.

Good thing she’s such a loving easygoing cat… she doesn’t know how hard up she looks. She’s still zooming all over the house with her cat brothers playing “Thunderdome†in the bath tub with them, she’s still giving sweet, serious loving to my dog Bruno, and still pigging out on everyone’s food. Mommy is all stressed out for her poor baby and she is having the time of her life LOL.

Sorry long post Lol guess it’s a part vent to get my stress out for leaving my sick girl to go on my cruise lol.
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Thank goodness your new baby kitty has found a good, forever home with you! I hope she feels much better soon--she is in our prayers. Warmest purrs to her and you from me and my kitties.
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