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"Honey! The toilet paper got into a fight again!"

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That's what I heard at 6:30 this morning

Apparently Joey decided to unroll and shred a WHOLE ROLL of toilet paper in the middle of the night

And wouldn't you know, it was the last roll?

So at 7 this morning, I made a trip to Walgreens to pay $4.00 for a pack of toilet paper

Little brat
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lol kitties can't resist the toilet paper roll. that has happened with my boys before
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I still don't know how Jack hasn't made a play for the toilet roll in our house?!
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My girls did that the other day just when I was thinking they do not do that. Of course we DID leave a bit hanging down which we normally don't do. It was just too tempting for them
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Shark and Arwen used to play with handing down loo roll as kittens, but thank goodness they don't do it any more.
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This is why I try to never let it get down to the last roll. Wickett seems to have outgrown his TP addiction (knock on wood) but you never know.
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My Shalimar(RB) used to attack the toilet paper all the time. I found if I turn the roll so it unrolls toward the wall, she couldn't unravel the whole roll, and stopped.

Luckily, my boys aren't interested. They'd rather battle with each other.
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Kelly shreds toilet paper as well, but only if the roll is on the dispenser. We just leave the toilet paper somewhere near the toilet and not on the dispenser. She leaves it alone.

Pooch and Kelly both attack the paper towel roll if they see it lying around, so the paper towels are in a cupboard. We've a dispenser for that too that's mounted on the wall, but we don't want to give it a try because we really think the chances of the roll being attacked are very high.
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Oops!! Silly cats!

I have never had a cat that has messed with the toilet paper before. Weird. Even when we had Nora sleep in the powder room at night when we first got her (b/c she spazed out in the cat carrier, and it was the first week we got her and didn't want her to roam free with Gus). She never did discover the toilet paper. lol I think we took it off the holder and stood it on its side on the sink, though. Just in case.
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Snow likes to wrestle with paper towel. not very interested in TP anymore
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LOL.... I have yet to experience the combusting toilet paper effect.

Soon enough I imagine
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My boys (I've never caught them at it so I don't know which of them it is...) like to unroll it and then drag it intact all around the apartment. If I leave it on the dispenser I always come home to my place having been "rolled" all over the inside. Once it was very obvious that the paper broke around a corner, and they went back for more...
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My wonderful Calico "Big Girls," Ophelia and Priscilla (birth sisters) absolutely LOVED the toilet paper game! Priscilla was probably the bigger fan--she probably taught it to Ophelia. They thought that I put it there for their enjoyment! They enjoyed it so much that I stopped fussing at them after each "game" and would just rewind the roll. Visitors just learned to deal with it, too. My precious Calicos have since crossed the Bridge, and I'd gladly buy out a Sam's AND Costco's toilet paper stock if I could just have them back with me.
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