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Daily Thread Thurs Dec 11th!

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Wooooweeeeeeeee, almost Friday people!

Chilly today but at least no snow storm!

Heading to work and the to the gym to meet Josh..I finally get to see him tonight! I miss him alot!

Basically every weekend fro now on is slammed with plans, so I get frustrated because I have no time to do things around here at all.. My place is a mess!

Aaaah the joys of December.

Anyhooo, have a good day folks!
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Working this morning on my guitar kit instructions. I finished the guitar.

Then at 11:20 I report to work for a trip to Jackson, MS, lasting until tomorrow afternoon.
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Morning All!!!

Not snowing here yet but it does look like we are going to be getting some more today.

Have a few chores to do this morning then going out for lunch with m sister. We need to finalize Christmas dinner arrangements and such. We will be at her home this year but I am making dinner, my kitchen is way to small to cook a huge dinner and hers is just right..

After lunch I have to go grocery shopping then just home for a quiet evening. Might grab a movie we will see.

The kitties are being lazy this morning, all 3 are sleeping in various areas of the house. Linus has claimed the box from my SS as his new favorite napping place. Silly cat.

Everyone have a great day
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Snow and sleet here all day. good day to get some of those xmas presents wrapped.
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Well it's starting to cool off again but the rain is still here.
Today I am relaxing and listening to Christmas music.
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Yesterday it was 76F and raining. Today its 45F and raining.

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Well tonite its supposed to be 2F!! Then Sunday 42F!!-with rain-that will decrease the snow in a hurry!!

Well went christmas shopping all day with one of my SIL!! We made a large contribution to the economy today!! Just little bits of items to pick up yet then I have to start wrapping.......yuck.

Just watching TV tonite nothing much-shopping is so exhausting (haha)
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It was clear, sunny and in the low '60s. Tomorrow will be the same, but then we are supposed to have 4 days of showers with temps only in the high 40s.

Butzie declined to go out this morning when I offered. She came back into my bedroom. That's it, she gets once chance and then she is an indoor kitty for the day.
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It was raining, freezing rain, and sleeting all day. It was real yucky outside. My fiance drove me to work, and came to pick me up. I was afraid it was going to get too icy outside and I didn't want to drive. I can drive in a lot of snow, but not ice. Ice terrifies me. I'm just hoping it won't be too bad tomorrow morning.

Just watching Survivor now, then bed early probably.
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