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Good news! and We are keeping the foster kitty.

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We went to the aspca with "laurie " the foster kitty and we were going to let them find her a home and if they couldn't then we would adopt her...Well they said they were pretty full and they couldn't do that. So we asked them what we can do. And they said they do spay and neaturs one A WEEK. when i called they said once a month with a long waiting list... So she has a appointment to be spayed and she will be joining the outside crew. I'm canceling thrusdays appoint for ashton and we will take him there too. It is around 55 for girls including shots, and 45 for boys including shots. It is a good thing we stopped by or we would have never found out! They really need to promote that!

Sooooo I think we are keeping everyone. there shots are only 5 dollers and kitty food isn't expensive. We have enough love for all, and the chicken coop, and barn will keep them dry and warm.

I was just offered a job with a friend for two weeks so that will give me some more kitty expense money. And there is a chance the job can be premant.

So I think that everything is starting to fall together. Excepant ashton might have to stay and outside baby because he is really really scared being inside. But we are going to keep working with him and see what happens.
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YAYY!!!!! Congrats!!! I bet you are soo thrilled!!!
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That's wonderful Val! Things do have a way of working out. That's great that you found the low cost spay/neuter program, that should help out a lot. And Congrats on the job, too! Karma does more than just get back at the bad folks, it does good for the angels too.
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Glad to hear that things are working out! Good luck, and keep up the good work! Seriously, you are making a big difference for these cats' lives.
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Congrats! I am so happy that you are keeping her!
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See, Val, CatSite vibes DO work!!!

Congrats on all counts!!!
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thats great How it is working out.
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Great news! Congradulations!
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I said No tonight. I got a phone call from a lady who has a mom and 4 kittens and she wants to get rid of them. I had to say no, I am full up, and if I take anymore, then the quality of care for the ones I have now will suffer.

It is not enough to have the money for the food, that is just a small part of it. You need to have enough money for good vet care, spaying and neutering, as well as if emergencies come up, and with outside kitties, emergencies can come up quickly, Especially during kitten season when males are spoiling to fight, and don't care if the ones they are fighting with are neutered or not.

Bottom line, when you rescue, you do it responsibly, or otherwise you find yourself in a lot of trouble down the road. Part of that responsiblity is to know and accept your limitations, if you can do that, you will be a successful rescuer. If not, then you defeat the purpose of rescuing in the first place.
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Val, just when you thought things were going to hell in a hand basket..things are brightening up for you! It's nice to see you happy and your cheerful self again. The past couple of days has been pretty rough for you and I'm glad to see that things are getting better.
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Val, I'm so glad things are turning around for you.

Hissy, I'm sorry to hear you had to turn away kitties, but you are absolutely right. It wouldn't be fair to all the parties involved.
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Val, things are looking up, aren't they?

Im so glad to hear!
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