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Sphynx Behaviour Issue or Just Kitten?

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Hey there,

I really need some advice. My lil sphynx ( ~ 8ths old) is beyond hyper and at first she was more calm but lately she has been super hyper and doing things that are so uncharacteristic of her. To describe some of the frustrations that have happened are...

1. biting our hands & feet really hard
- we do not promote this kind of play

2. being destructive to material items in my house
- chewing through cords!
- scratching my pleather book bag & chewing the straps

3. Using my study room as a cat box
- urinating & defecating all over the carpet (I have added various cat boxes and several types of litter thinking this might solve the problem, even cleaning the boxes 3x/day and NOTHING is helping)
- I don't even open my study room door anymore... I have to leave it CONSTANTLY closed to stop her (even if it's opened for an hour she immediately runs in and pees and poos on the floor!)

I am so torn and don't know what is going on... is this normal for a cat to be so psychotic 24/7... she was never like this but the passed three weeks have been insane - I really don't know what to do.

Is this kitten behaviour or mental issues?

I her and want her to be her good semi-calm self not this lil devil who is so bad.

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Is she spayed?
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Has anything changed in your home like rearranged furniture, addition of furniture? I am just trying to think of things that might trigger this behaviour if it hasn't happened prior to the last few weeks. I don't think it's a breed-specific issue.

I am sure there are others that can chime in here, but also do a search in the Behaviour forum and you might find some answers there as well.
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Is she spayed and has she been to the vet to check for UTI? Either one of those could resolve the litter box problems.

If not, she will have to be confined till she is using it 100%

BTW sphynx are very active cats (like the rexes) so her behavior is typical.
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Not using the litterbox doesn't sound normal at all. Time to visit the vet.
Behavioral issues can sometimes come from health stuff too.

Sphynx are very playful, we had to put a lot of toys all over and bought a huge cat tree and have several posts as well, and played with her daily - try at least an hour with a string toy like Da bird or laser light, anyway this helped a ton with any destructive tendencies -she liked tearing paper and blinds -
Maybe you can put bitter apple or something on your cords so she doesn't hurt herself.

Sphynx are usually very loving too and will cuddle up and snuggle.
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My first thought is that she should be spayed if she isn't already - the behaviour issues you have with her sound hormonal (biting, urinating and defecating inappropriately).

If she is already spayed, then those behaviours could very well be due to insecurity. Cats need a set routine, do you have a routine for her? Feeding at the same places and times every day, set periods to play with you (fishing rod type toys etc), places to sleep that are secure, plentiful litterboxes that are private and using litter that she likes?

Peeing and pooping everywhere says to me either a) hormonal (get her spayed) or b) feeling very insecure and worried.
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Could she be on heat? * months old.... bad behavior for a few weeks, peeing and pooping everywhere??
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I do not kniow how to stop your cat from being bad.
Mine is hyper and plays very rough.
Your sphynx sounds like my sisters siamese mix.
I hope stops wrecking your house.
Maui uses the pan but she destroys everything.
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I will post this in the sphynx group for you and see if they can help.
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