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Eden - "Pointy Face"

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More new pics of my girl Eden

That her vet visit goes well tomorrow. We've got several issues to address. One of which is her habit to eating TP....even if you put a baby lock on the cabinet it's in she gets it open & eats it.

She's a screwball - loves toys - and lives out of this stupid cat bed.

Pardon the quality of some of the pics - they're funny even if they aren't clear

Those claws she'll be keeping

Her BFF - Mr Springy Thingy - She's crunched one up into many tiny springy thingies

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Eden is a beauty.
What is it with cats and TP?
Sending vibes that the vet helps you resolve her issues.
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awww she's beautiful! I'm sure all will go well at the vet... here's some for Eden... and unfortunately, eating TP is just a code that cats have... or if they don't eat it, they at least have to unroll 3 whole rolls and strew it all over the house!! yeah... that was fun lol
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She's so beautiful!
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Fingers crossed for the vet visit
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Many for her vet visit! I Eden! She is a hilarious and beautiful kitty. Some of those pictures look almost exactly like Bamf from the side, even the slightly darker points on the rear haunches. My husband thought it was Bamf for a moment when I showed him this pic:

Then he realized we don't have a pink cat bed or Mr. Springy Thingy and that is not our carpet.

Good luck little Eden!
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Hmmm.... desperate to eat TP .... paper eating is a condition called Pica. And people can have it too.

don't know if anything here will help, too.
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She's so beautiful

at her BFF
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Look at that face, could a face like that ever cause mischief?

I'm glad she likes her bed. I got a fido fleece for Kitty and she has no use for it.
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Yay! More Eden pics!

I absolutely love Eden. She's beautiful. But then again I've always been a sucker for Siamese cats.
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