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My cat started attacking me all of a sudden!

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I've had Lucas for 3.5 years now and he has always been a very sweet cat. Never been afraid of people and is a social butterfly in general.

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago his behavior changed a bit. Out of nowhere he started attacking me. It doesn't last long, but it is very scary when he gets like that. For the last week, it has become a daily occurrence, yesterday, it happened twice.

It comes out of nowhere, he starts meowing loudly, his pupils dilate, his tail starts moving like crazy, and he jumps at my arm or leg grabbing it with his claws and biting full force, in full attack mode as if I was a prey. He hasn't broken skin yet with his teeth, but I am definitely getting scratched up -- and it hurts!

Nothing I do stops him. I try talking to him sweetly, I've tried petting him (yep, just led to more attacks), I tried reprimanding him, but nothing works, it's like suddenly he is possessed. It only lasts for about 15 minutes, and when I can reach him from behind, I pick him up and I lock him out of the room until he calms down (it's non-stop attacking if I stay around, and the only way to stop the behavior is if I hide for a bit).

There has been no change on his environment, no new people, no new food, I have no other pets, there hasn't been anything at all to explain this change. But I'm starting to get scared of my own cat! He sleeps next to me, and this happens a lot after I go to bed but haven't yet fallen asleep, I'm so afraid at some point he'll attack my face when I'm sleeping!

Anyone has any clue whatsoever what can be going on? He is completely healthy otherwise, plays with his toys as usual, and when he is not "possessed" is just as sweet as he has always been.

I'd appreciate any help -- I'm at a loss, and can't really justify a visit to the vet by saying "I think my cat is crazy"

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He needs a full exam by a vet to determine if he's healthy or not. Any changes in behavior - esp one as extreme as you are describing - can be caused by something medical. Cats hide pain well - so you may not even know something is wrong. There are cases where there is nothing visibly wrong - yet something is very wrong.
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