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Yes, another new guy!

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This Chaos, he is a double positive, that makes 3 total for me with him, Cronus and Deedle. He is very friendly and very vocal! Excuse the dirty floor, if I don't vacuum every other day, it gets like this
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Cute nose!
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haha he looks like he just stuck his nose in some paint and now he's saying "what? I didn't do it!!" lol
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What a sweetie!
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Awww, he's adorable Katie
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OMG! He is much cuter in that pic than the one Eileen intially showed me. He's a chunky monkey. I like the "beefcake" ones. Hopefully he doesn't live up to his name.
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He is SO cute!
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Very cute
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Aww what a lucky little guy, hes so precious, I love his markings
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OMG, you actually posted a pic of Chaos. I shouldn't have doubted you, but based on past experience...

Seriously, he's adorable and I'm glad he's settling in so well!
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