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Santa at Petsmart!!

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Is anyone else taking their pets to get pics with Santa? I'm going this Saturday with Mya! I think I'll skip out on taking Avalon this year since shes still not adjusted to my room, I dont want to take her into a place like Petsmart.
I'm excited though! This is the first year I've had a pet that can go. Mya is the purrfect little lady (or so I hope ).
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I am actually taking the photos for my local shelter so haven't taken the cats in, but my BF is helping on Sunday so he is going to take Autumn over to see me (its at the shelter so I can keep her in my office until we are done). I dont have one of her as she was still too feral last year to take her into PetSmart but I feel more comfortable taking her to the shelter where we have a room where we can close the door
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Our mall has a couple days where you can bring your pet and get their picture taken with Santa. I have never brought my pets because I don't think they would sit still.
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I was surprised how many of the pets stood/sat still, especially the cats. We only had issues with one cat and two dogs last weekend and none were bad they were more interested in having a look around
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Yeah, our rescue is doing the same thing. It's a great win-win for the stores, pet owners and rescues --- everyone goes away happy.

I've been recruited to clean our adoption area on the 20th as my part to help out. Rather spend time with the kitties than deal with the photo chaos!
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i have 5 cats of those, only 1 is ever interested in meeting visitors... & all of them HATE car trips. the closest pet stores to me are 20-30 minutes away [barring really bad traffic] so i think we'll pass on 'pictures w/Santa'...
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I am actually cheating and taking Autumn in before we open, do her photos and get her settled in my office and one of the other directors will drop her home for me if she gets really stressed. I took her in after hours for halloween pics and she did really well so she should be ok. She will like all the treats

No way I would take any of them to Petsmart although we do have photos of them with santa when they were younger
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I took Buster to have his picture taken two years ago at Pet Smart. Although it was cheap, the quality was not good because it was a Polaroid. Last year I took him to a local pet chain called Pet Food Express. Here he is:

Buster will do another portrait this year next weekend. It raises money for local animal shelters.
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None of mine will even sit in my lap, let alone Santa's lap

My local Pet Food Express is doing Santa photos this weekend, so I'm thinking of taking in my foster boy. I think he'd do ok.
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Buster is a gorgeous little-boy kitty (well, BIG-boy kitty!)! Our PetCo is offering "Santa Paws" photos and so is our local mall this year. I'd love to have kitty photos made--last year a friend gave mine each a little Santa hat. I also have velvet "stretchy" collars with bells on them. They'd be perfect for photos! Unfortunately, neither cat likes the cats (BIG surprise!); my Siamese will wear her Christmas collar, but she doesn't look happy doing it. (Mine never wear collars, with the exception of when we go to the vet and they need to have their nametags on.) I think that the dogs would really frighten the kitties, so I'm just content with taking pictures of them lying on the Christmas tree skirt and sitting with their stockings.
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Thank you for the sweet comment, Miss Purrypot. Buster is such a wonderful cat and doesn't mind wearing clothes or being handled by strangers. He is so mellow and loves everyone. It breaks my heart that he is suffering from bladder cancer now.
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Oh, poor Buster! He certainly is a wonderful kitty--blessed with an incredible personality and spirit. His mellow nature sure is a feline rarity! I am so sorry to hear about his cancer. I was recently diagnosed with recurrent bone cancer--my rare spinal tumor returned after 11 years. I can certainly empathize what he's going through--illness is rough for the patient and the family, human and otherwise. I will keep you and Buster in my prayers--I hope he continues to feel as well as possible, to be comfortable, and to enjoy life just as long as he can. You are obviously a loving and devoted cat parent, and he's in the best hands with you. God bless.
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I'd love to get the boys' picture taken with Santa, but I'm always busy during the hours that they're taking the pictures at PetSmart. (Here they did three weekends in a row).

Sigh . . . next year.
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I'm taking Carmelo in to get his picture with Santa No, not really
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Originally Posted by AmberThe Bobcat View Post
I'm taking Carmelo in to get his picture with Santa No, not really
hey, you could just dress up as Santa & have your DW take the pic!
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Originally Posted by laureen227 View Post
hey, you could just dress up as Santa & have your DW take the pic!
Very true, but she would have to be quick with the picutre taking before Caremlo pulled off the beard, hat and the rest of the Santa outfit
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Nora gets very anxious around strangers, and has panic attacks when around more than a couple people. Like around my brother and sister in law she is skiddish, but still will stick around and watch what everyone is doing. We had both sides of our family over for Thanksgiving and she FREAKED out. She was very frightened, jumped at every little thing (even with just me and her in the laundry room with the door shut, I gave her the liver and heart from the turkey and she jumped a food and froze solid when she saw it). I wouldn't want to take her to a place with a bunch of people, I'd be afraid she would run off. Even on Thanksgiving I could barely hold her, she did everything she could to run away even from me.

Gus would have done wonderful, he loved people.
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I have 2 cats.Pumpkin doesn't like many people and hates going outside the house.I took her outside once on a leash and she liked it ok but was so happy to get inside.Zippy loves people and is very social with everyone who comes to visit.But she hates car rides.So like laureen227 I think pictures with santa would not be a good idea for my 2.
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No pictures with my kitties. Lucky would shred Santa . She has major toritude.
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