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Please help...Lost Cat :(

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Ozzy, the cat we adopted as a kitten almost 5 years ago, who has moved 4 times with us, is gone.

He's neutered and a very aloof, confident kitty. We've always struggled with keeping him inside and as of recent, he has managed to escape for up to a few hours at a time, always sticking close by.

One Monday night we returned home from being out of town, that's the last time I remember seeing him. I believe he went missing some time that night while my husband was carrying in luggage or some time the following morning while my husband was letting the dogs out. I noticed mid afternoon that I hadn't seen him around, by the time my dh came from work we searched the whole house and then began looking for him outside. We scanned the area, took a flashlight, called to him, shook his bag of food and even meowed to him.

Today I ran ads on our local radio station, checked with the pound and stopped people who live and walk up and down the mountain we live on.

Our area is pretty rural and we don't have many neighbors, but we did ask the closest one to keep an eye out and tomorrow I plan on posting signs and offering a reward. I'm so heartbroken. We have food by the front door and I'm about to take his litter outside to spread about as I read it might make him feel more comfortable.

Please...if anyone has advice, I am desperate. I just want my kitty to come home, but after 3 nights I'm feeling like it's more and more unlikely. I really thought he would be back this's now raining and cold. I'm so afraid that he's been hit or that a coyote has gotten him.
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You must be panicked by now.

Put up fliers at vet's offices, keep calling local shelters, put out fliers in grocery stores, on telephone polls, laundry mats, Starbucks, churches and anywhere else where people gather.

Don't give up...
keep looking.
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You can also go door to door and ask people if theyve seen him. Like, take a pic wit you to show everyone. Thats what i did when Monster got out on me, and that is how i got him back.
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I'm so sad for you. I lost one about a year ago that just broke my heart.

Don't give up hope yet. I have had them come home after several days.
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Just adding my voice to the don't lose hope chorus. A number of cats belonging to posters here have gone missing and come home.

Ozzy, come home!
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for Ozzy come back soon..........
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Praying for a safe return!
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Try to keep in mind that cats are survivors. I have a kitty with wander-lust and she has disappeared several times...once for a whole week!! Then, just when I'm sure I'll never see her again, she just comes wandering back in like nothing. Most likely he is just out catting about and will come home when he's good and ready. Hang in there...I know it;s stressful

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It sounds like he does have the skills to be out on his own. Please don't give up hope. Sending vibes that Ozzy returns safely and very soon
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