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peeing on my comforter must stop!

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I am new to this and have no other alternatives let to me. Please help.

I have two children, Duckie (male) and Butterscotch or Butters to the family (Female).
O.K. Here it is...Thay are brother and sister and have not been apart since birth. Since they were kittens up to now someone has been peeing on my comforter. They never go anywhere else in the house. just there. It's not just the male it is both of them.
The litter box is cleaned out everyday and use quality litter. I have taken them both to the vet and there is no health problems. I have tried all kinds of sprays to get them to stop and that is still no use. They get attention all the time. Sometimes they will be on the bed with us and if we go to the kitchen and come back..POW! there it is, in less than five minutes while we are home.
PLEASE someone help me. I can't take it anymore. Either I find a way to put a satop to it or I have to have them put to sleep. Please someone help.
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i really hope and hope you are kidding about putting your furbabies to sleep!! Afterall, you even referred them as your children!!

This happened to one rescued kitty i had once. Her name was Whitey. She liked to pee pee on the comforter at the guest room. She slept AND peed in the same bed. i got it washed at the cleaners, and did NOT put it back there, in case she thought it was a regular toilet area for her. i got her a comfortable kitty bed with cushion, and also did not allow her to get on the guest bed for a while.

She slept happily in her bed, and did not pee pee anywhere else.

i wonder if you furbabies thought it was an alternate, more comfortable toilet area. i wonder if they were being territorial? Also, not ALL kitties like the same litter type.

i was wondering if you could try changing the litter type? You have two kitties, so the ratio of the litter box should be two : one for each kitty. i wonder if you could buy them a kitty bed with thick and comfy cushion?

Just suggestions... sharing on a personal level.

Oh yes, another thing, if you decide to give up your furbabies, could you just bring them to an adoption center, instead of "putting them to sleep??"
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First of all..
What brand of kitty litter do you use? maybe it is possible you are buying a brand that isn't their preference...

2nd of all..I don't understand why you would want to them down just because of this....you say there are healthy...how fair would that be for them??

also...if you are just so fed up with it, and have taken them to the vet and they have no problems...give them to a loving home would be be able to put up and be more patient with this behaviour........
I don't mean to sound harsh, but that is really no good reason to put down a kitties life.....
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first of all..I didn't ask for anyones judgement...I simply asked for a solution.
As far as the litter I have tried over five brands. They use the litter box as well. I can't just kick them out of the room since it's the only bedroom in the house.
I don't want to get rid of them...but..I am tired of buying a new comforter every monthfor a year and a half. That is more than patient enough.
I just can't figure it out..they have the best of everything, and all the attention they could want. Someone wonders if it is fair to them....what about me. Thay aren't the ones sleeping in a bed that they pee pee in. Oh, yes they have a bed, two infact.
And another litter box isn't an option. You don't need two for two small cats who have no territory prblems since they are brother ans sister and have shared the same box since they were born.
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Sorry if you feel that you were being judged...

i was merely sharing and suggesting.

Sorry you are having a hard time, but i am really concerned as you mentioned you are considering putting your babies to sleep. Bringing them to an adoption center was a suggestion as a last resort.

Not judging here, i'm afraid, just merely suggesting..

Sounds like your feelings were hurt, and i am sorry you felt that way.

Take care.
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We have a sticky thread just for these issues, and there is a lot of possible solutions in there for you. There are so many things I can't just list them all in one post.


I have been through this with my Asim and Isha, and I still have to appease him to this day, or he WILL use something other then his litter box.

We tried everything with Asim for almost a year when I first adopted him, but he would pee and pooh places besides his litter boxes almost every time. We medicated him, we tried different litter/boxes, different places for the boxes, food, etc etc. But the only thing that made him stop was a change of enviroment. I moved into a townhouse up in Maine, and Asim instantly did fine!

You said you've tried 5 litters... were these litters all relatively the same, try one that has small clay granuals, try one that has larger grains, try one like sweat scoop or worlds best cat litter (they are very similar), try one like feline pine or yesterdays news, and try something like papuur, a small round (very comfortable on the feet) paper litter.
Cats by nature, do not like to pee and pooh in the same place. Thusly it's a good idea to have 2 boxes, at LEAST. The general rule of thumb is to have 1 box PER cat, PER floor of your home.

Is your cat spraying on your comfortor or peeing?

At any rate, I think your best bet, would to be to go back to the vet, and discuss behavioral issues with them, and then maybe talk about medications. In the mean time do your best to provide a stress free house hold! This could be anything as simple as keeping calm around them, and not getting upset when they do something "wrong" or having company over too often.
My Asim sufferes from anxiety and depression issues, and it's a daily balance of things I have to do to satisfy him. But I can tell you I wouldn't give him up for any of it!

I don't know how often you are home, but try scooping the box 2 times a day instead of once, or even scoop everything out right after they use the box to keep it EXTRA clean. And keep in mind you need to dump out the contents and clean the box itself at LEAST once a month, more often if it gets very dirty.
Don't use any citrus scented products to clean the box, or scented air sprays near their litter box.

Oh there's so many things I could say. But I think another litter box, and a trial with new types of litters and of course a visit to the vet to disucess behavoiral issues, are your best options. Good luck!
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I apoligize if you think you were being judged....I did make a statement that I don't mean to sound so harsh, but I was just offering suggestions if you are so fed up by giving your kitty to the shelter..possibly a no kill shelter knowing that they would get a loving home......I just wouldn't like to see any animal be put to sleep for peeing on something...I have strong beliefs in some areas with animals, and this is one of them...I am sure you have tried things and haven't come up with a solution..maybe someone else can help you out....
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I have two kitties. The two I have now are not the same two I had two years ago. But I found then, that they did NOT want to share a litter box. That is not uncommon--even if they DO get along really well! Cats are fastidious creatures and have odd (to us!) habits and ideas on things, which won't necessarily jibe with what you are thinking! My cats get along just fine--but, even the two I have now, do NOT want to have less than a litter box to themselves. It may be well worth your while to at least try another litter box, and really, really clean out that existing litter box so that it will be still used too. I line mine with those really, really heavy black trash bags, just the same way those litter box liners are used. I throw the old litter away in those black trash bags when the litter is ready to be disposed of. Then I clean the box out really well, before re-lining it with the new black litter bag and putting in the new litter. --Just a thought, and hope it helps!
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This is an extract from my previous posting:

........... (World'scatlitter topic)............

In a very clean litter box, pour about 3 inches in depth of the litter. Yes, just like you said, scoop it out as frequently as possible. i use a metal scoop, as plastic scoops absorb odor. i flush the litter out, as it is flushable.

i use a hand vacuum to do all my pick up jobs around the kitty area. Also, i use a paper towel, dampened in hot water, to wipe the inside areas of the litter boxes after i scoop the litter out (to keep it clean.)

Every few days, i wash and disinfect the litter covers *rinse out with hot water, blow dry. Spray the odor control pads with disinfectant spray.

Once a week, i clean the litter boxes completely. i wash the boxes with very hot water and detergent, scrubbing with a brush, then blow dry. Fill with CLEAN litter. Please don't give any opportunity to let it emit funny odor.


Again, this is just personal sharing. Feel free to dispense everything.

Take care.
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Curtis, I've been in your shoes and I know first hand how frustrating it can be. That is how I found the website. I was at my wits end and I was ready to send my newest addition off to the Humane Society. I'm so glad that I didn't do that! My little girl Tiki started peeing on my bed the first week I got her. Every single day, I had to change my bedding because she'd pee on it. I tried all the suggestions on the Inappropriate Peeing thread and nothing seemed to work. I took 6 months of trying different things until finally she stopped. During that time not only did she pee on my bed, she went on my brothers bed, on the couch and clothes. I didn't want to add more litter boxes in my house, but I found that it was necessary. I tried different litters and found that she is just one picky little girl. She likes to have her own box and likes it to be far away from the others. I ended up adding 4 more boxes in my house, which is extreme. I'm sure adding one or 2 more would have been effective, but I wanted this problem to stop and was willing to do anything to make it stop. Luckily, we have not had a single problem since Janurary. I'm just speaking from my own experience and I'm not judging you by any means. I don't think anyone meant to judge you by your words, we all love cats so much we sometimes overract a bit. If I were you, I'd try just adding one box and put it in a place that is quiet. Something might have scared her while she was in her box and therefore she doesn't want to go there anymore.
The one thing I learned through out my experience with Tiki, they don't mean to do this just to make you mad. They are trying to tell you something, but the hard part is trying to figure out what they want. It's too bad that cats can't talk to us and tell us what is wrong, we have to decipher through their actions to find out.

I hope that this might help you in someway and wishing you the best of luck!
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In the same line of thinking of poster; "Shell", I know this one girl who had a little cat who flat out REFUSED to use the litter box. This kitty was also going on their bed linens. When I asked her where the litter box was, she replied, "Oh, it is in such a quiet place. It is in a hallway closet." I then asked, "Well, what else is in that closet?" She replied, "Nothing, really, just the brooms and vacuum cleaner." AAAAKKKK!!!! I KNEW right away, WHY that little cat refused to use that litter box!!! Because I KNEW my kitties BOTH ran and hid when they saw the vacuum cleaner and sometimes even the broom!!(Sometimes they would want to play with the broom, as I swept, and the next time, they would run and hide like I had the plague!!!!--Go Figure cats! )
Anyway, she moved that litter box to another quiet place in her house and VOILA`!!!! That little cat began, that VERY day, to use it's litter box! She did place it inside the box (but I also told her to clean the box well and put all new litter in it, before she moved it) and reminded it that it did need to use this to go potty!
--It worked! So, hope this helps too!
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Curtis I got your PM today and answered it, and then saw this post. In the wild a cat does not pee and poop in the same place, it is instinctive that they move off for survival and protection. Two cats, two litter pans, three is ideal. Yes, more work for you, but better for the cats. Again, I stress that you need to get your cat to the vet, the one that is eating the wool comforter. There is a health problem going on, and a vet can correct it. Try adding another litter box- bet it takes care of some of the problem.
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My cat does the same thing.
My dad even says sometimes that he'll get rid of her.
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omg, give them away don't put them to sleep
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Zack, have you tried the things we've suggested? Please don't put your kitty to sleep...there are many alternatives out there for you.
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I found that one of my cats had peed on the kitchen counter. Because I knew that this is proof of a urinary tract infection, I immediately took her to the vet. I was right. Once she took her antibiotics, I never had another problem.

Please, please, please take your cat to the vet and tell your vet what she is doing. I'll bet my first born child that she has a urinary tract problem.
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