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Bob & Tom?

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Anyone listen to the Bob & Tom show in the morning? Rob got me started on listening to it a few years ago, they're pretty funny. Definitely make up some crazy songs, and have comedians on every morning.

They're having a Canadian Mist Comedy All-Stars show here in Charleston two days after our 1 year anniversary, so we're going to that (I listen to the man He mentioned yesterday they were coming to Charleston and "isnt that cool?") - I surprised him with tickets today, 2nd row from the stage!

Apparently they're a coast to coast radio show, and I was wondering if anyone else ever listened to their show.
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I change the station when they are on lol.
They have them on 104.1 The Hawk here.
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I used to listen to them every morning, but I don't get a station with them on it anymore They are hillarious though!
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I listen to it in the mornings. I don't get to hear much as my drive's only 5 minutes now, though.
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We've got a good 35 minutes to an hour depending on how much traffic and what time we leave in the morning. I love the history lesson on Monday with Scott Dunn. Some of the songs are pretty funny too, like "It Was A Shart" by Donny Baker, and "Prison B--ch" had me laughing this morning (and got stuck in my head most of the day).

I think the comedy show will be pretty funny. Rob's boss was giving me a hard time because I scored 2nd row seats and the best available when he looked was wayyy out.
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OMG I love Bob & Tom! They crack me up! It always gets me in a good mood in the morning!
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