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Cleo is here!!!! - Page 4

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Glad to see they are getting along! ^-^
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She gets along with all the cats.
Oreo and Sasha love to play with Cleo.
Meeko gets mad when she tries to play with her.
Coco just ignores her.
She is to old for that.
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Cute pics
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Just be sure to keep the other guys nails clipped. I might even consider putting SoftPaws on the front ones so they don't nick her.

I'll have to ask some of the Sphynx breeders/owners what they do it keep from getting scratched on the cats.
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Cleo looks like she's fitting in well! Does she sleep in your bed with you yet? I love that about Bonnie, she has always slept under the covers with me. She obviously hasn't since her babies were born and I do miss it, but she is needed elsewhere LOL. I do get to sleep right beside the hut where the babies are.
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Cleo loves to go under the covers and does sleep with me.
They do not play with thier claws out.
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