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My brother went to see the Vascular Surgeon today and we found out it is a Blood clot in his shoulder. He has had emergency surgury to remove the clot and is in recovery now. They are going to check him tomorow and if there is still a clot they are going in again.

This started on Saturday See my previous thread

I would appreciate any of those wonderful TCS VIBES for his swift recovery
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for your brother
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Holy Smokes that's a scary thing!

for your brother!
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Bless his heart... I'm sorry he had to have surgery, but if it worked, at least he's not in such immediate danger now. My father had a clot in his upper arm after one of his surgeries, and they put him on Coumadin for months to break it up... and all those months, we were scared to death it could break loose and hit his lungs any minute. AUGH!

I hope the surgery was a complete success and he's back to normal soon!
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Lots of vibes for your brother! Glad they found it in time to remove it.
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lots of vibes for your brother
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Vibes for your brother's recovery
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I was mistaken earlier it wasn't surgury but a very large needle inserted into the ajoining artery to apply the sollution to desolve the clots (there are now 2 of them that he had to be sedated for. It didn't work.

They are going in today and inflateing a balloon in the 2 effected veins. If that dosn't work they are talking about removeing his 1st rib and going in surgically to remove the clot. I dont like the sound of that last one.

My Brother and I are very close I am worried!
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Oh, hon, I'm sorry -- I know how hard it is to see a brother suffering. All my good wishes go out to him...
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Oh My! for your family and friend. I sure hope the balloon works.l
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