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Diagnosis Diabetes

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I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking about strange walking issues my cat was having. Thanks to some good advice from some of you, I've been able to work with my vet to determine that Bela indeed does have diabetes. Her glucose is still in the high 300s (she had been on steroids and we were waiting to make sure any traces of that drug were out of her system). Bela will stay at the vet overnight tonight. I will visit her in the a.m. and hopefully take her home tomorrow night or Friday morning. I must admit that I am not looking forward to life with a diabetic cat, but I understand there are some good resources out there.
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The back leg issues is called neuropathy. It can be toally reversed with regulation.
I have had success with my own adopted diabetic cat getting him regulated and giving something called Methylcobalamin which is a forrm of b-12. I used a brand name called xobaline. I have also sent you a pivate message
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