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environmentally friendly litter disposal

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So I'm scooping the litter box each morning into a bag from our stash of plastic groccery bags we've accumulated over the years and my inner tree hugger is dying. I've been trying to switch to reusable bags for my shopping anyways, so the supply isn't going to last long.

How do you all get rid the litter box scoopings? I was doing some googling (cuz google knows everything), and found these - - originally for dogs, that are biodegradable. Anyone use these?

I know a friend scoops it into an empty plastic litter tub and then empties it on occasion, but I know the husband would not like the idea of a tub of waste sitting anywhere in our apartment
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I've been using brown paper lunch bags, and stuff them in the trash. You can buy a pack of 100 of them for about a dollar. Those are biodegradable, aren't they? The odor sort of comes through, though.
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I think they are too expensive and too small. I will continue to use the grocery store bags for now.
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I use Feline Pine as litter, and flush - no bags for me!!
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Ah, too late, I already bought some biodegradable bags at Petsmart last night. I through about paper bags, but worried things might leak through.

Is the Feline Pine scoop flushable? I'm a bit worried about flushing things down the apartment toilet - it doesn't work well flushing as it is. But now my interests are peaked at an environmentally friendly/natural litter. I'm just using the Petco store brand right now. I may have to pick up a bag next time I'm looking for litter.
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There's not much point in biodegradable bags if you aren't using biodegradable natural litter.

When we're home, we just dump it back in the woods when we change the litter. When we're in the city all of our trash ends up at an incinerator anyway so it doesn't really matter.
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I use the poop bags. They have worked out great for me.
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When I was in walmart looking for supplies, litter included, I saw one that was flushable... I'm sorry but I don't remember what it was called.. I will google and see if I can find it. But it was safe for septic systems.

If you happen to have a Walmart near by, take a look at their litters. I will look next time I'm in, to find the name.

It is something I personally want to get, as my hubby cannot stand the litter smell, or cat waste a flushable litter would save having to bag it and throw it in the garbage pail where smell does escape.
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I'm not sure if this was it but it looks like a great product:

here's one from petco:

here's a link with prices of different flushable litters:

hope that helps
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I use biodegradable litter and put the waste in a litterlocker. It has plastic bags, but they are thin and only the waste goes in there. When I clean out the box, I dump the used litter (sans clumps) in my flowerbed because it makes nice compost.
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Mylitter is biodegradable. I use chicken feed (crumbles_ all natural. I still put it in a plastic bag and toss it though. I wait till the bag is really full, around three days worth. I could flush it, but do not want to chance it, this is an old house and plumbers are expensive. Don't want to dump it in the yard or compost, because there is too much, and you are not supposed to compost with animal feces. It is a dilemma.
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We've tried all sorts of different litters and our cats have decided on Tidy Cats only.
We scoop twice a day and have a litter garbage out in the garage where if it smells, so be it. It's not in the house and who cares if the garage smells? Honestly though we haven't had problems with smell even on the hottest days. You might smell some, but nothing bad. Just a thought.
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