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Tear Stains

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Does anyone know how to get rid of tear stains?
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human tear stains, or cat tear stains..not sure what you mean.
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Cat tear stains...on their fur right below the eyes along the nose.
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With both my kitties, i clean the discharges found at the nose and eyes areas with a moistened (*warm water) q-tip several times a day.

They are both white in color. So, it is hard to "camouflage" dirt.

i use "sno sho" shampoo to bathe them, and it helps to remove any stains on their bodies, if any. i think it is vital to remove any stains on your kitty rightaway.

i think it helps to groom your kitty on a regular basis. Just my thought!

Take care! <3

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I don't know...maybe jsut get a warm wet wash cloth and gently wipe and see if that helps.....I haven't had this experience...are you sure it isn't sleep stuff..that gunky dry stuff that comes out of their eyes sometimes...sorry I am not much help...
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I clean my seven persian cats' eyes with a weak boric acid solution twice per day and this prevents staining. There is a commercial product called Bright Eyes that is a boric acid solution. Just spray it onto cotton wool and wipe the eyes. Dry the area with a tissue because dry hair attracts less dirt than wet hair. By cleaning under their eyes twice a day, you won't get any staining. This does not harm the cat in any way, does not sting the eyes and is completely safe.
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