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Cats & weight displacement

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Has anyone else noticed that two cats who aren't that different in size can feel like they have a 20lb weight difference?

Technically, Freya's 10lbs and Cotton's 14lbs, but if she curls up on you or walks across you, you barely notice her. Cotton, on the other hand feels like a giant dead weight. You know exactly where he is and he sits down like a lump of lead.

I can't imagine 4lbs feels like THAT much of a difference.
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Mine are the opposite. Wickett weighs close to 16 lbs and Frankie is closer to 12. When Wickett walks on you he's very light but Frankie feel like a tiny elephant. Of course, if I'm picking them up, Wickett is the heavier one.
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Harley's about 8 pounds and very petite. But when she walks across my lap (or any other part of me), she feels like a 90 pound dog.
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Kitty does this kneeding thing with her paws. I plop her down on my stomach when I'm laying down, and she'll start to kneed my chest, OMGosh does it hurt! All 12 pounds plus a ton of force working their way through her legs.
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Since it's gotten cold, our two have decided they want to not only be IN our bed, but right on top of us at night.
Lilah (about 7 lbs) can climb up on me and not wake me up (until she sticks her face in my ear and purrs as loud as she can!) but then Reilly will follow her and OOF! His 8ish lbs (he's only slighty bigger!) feels like huge dog flopping down on me!
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Our boys are very close in weight -10 and 11 pounds - but Pushkin always looks so much heavier. He's got a big jelly belly and lets it all hang out. You really feel his weight when you pick him up, but Wiggies feels so light. I can't believe he weighs nearly as much as his brother.
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