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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, December 10th!

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Good morning! It's a nippy 23°F outside, and it looks like the snow has finally stopped. We've got about 8 to 10 inches of the crap! I wish I could just stay inside today, and not have to venture out in it!

Here's today's Question Of The Day!

Do you have perfect vision, or do you wear glasses or contacts? If you wear glasses or contacts, how old where you when you got your first pair? Would you consider corrective surgery (or have you had it?)

I got my first pair of glasses when I was in 3rd grade, maybe 11 years old. I got my first pair of contacts when I turned 16. I got my first bifocal glasses a couple of years ago, along with my first pair of 'cheaters' (reading glasses for use with my contacts.) Every now and then I think about having Lasik, but I'm really far too chicken to do it. Quite a few people that I work with have had it done (and have been very happy with the results.) Unfortunately, the three people that I know who have had complications, have scared the bejeebers out of me, lol!
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I do not wear contacts or glasses and have good vision.
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I started wearing specs from the age of 46 and the optician said they were quite good for my age I needed them because my arms weren't long enough to read

I only need them for reading not the computer, so i don't think their too bad yet for lazer treatment.
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I wear both contacts and glasses.

My vision is so bad that without them I'm blind as a bat.

I got my first pair of glasses when i was in the 8th grade and started wearing contacts the summer between graduating high school and starting college. But I didn't get contacts for cosmetic reasons my vision had gotten so bad and there was such a HUGE difference in the prescription in each lens that it was hard to properly correct my vision anymore with glasses so my doc told me we had to switch to contacts and OMG it was a HUGE difference I see soo much better with them. I still wear my glasses but usually only at night or in the morning to get to the bathroom to put my lenses in.

I was told I am the PERFECT candidate for laser surgery....but I'm a bit of a chicken so no. Plus I have heard so many HORROR stories of people being left in terrible and unending pain that i was like...errrr no contacts are fine and I don't have trouble wearing them so why mess with something that is working.?
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I got my first pairs of "specs" when I was 25. I have good vision though, just wear them for driving and tv so I don't squint so much. I usually wear my prescription sunglasses rather than normal glasses.
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I used to have perfect vision, then about 10 years ago I needed to start wearing reading glasses, 3 years ago I noticed I couldn't see as far as I used to.
This year my distance vision got bad enough for glasses (I'm 40), and my optomotrist tells me I can only get away with reading glasses for a few more years before bifocals will be needed.
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I should wear glasses or contacts. I got my first pair when I was around 12...but I hated them so I never wore them.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I do not wear contacts or glasses and have good vision.

Both my parents got glasses when they got older though, so I figure I will have to eventually as well.
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I have had glasses since I was a senior in HS. I have tried contacts, but they really don't work for me so at work, I can't see that well since I wear regular safety glasses instead of prescription ones.
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I've had glasses since first grade. I'm very nearsighted. Got the bifocals a few years ago.

Never had contacts. I have memories of fellow classmates and the "STOP! I LOST MY CONTACT!". Besides, I hate anything on my eye.
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I started wearing glasses for reading about 2 years ago. Other then that I have never have had any problems with my vision.
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Got my first glasses in 3rd grade; I remember the car ride home from the eye dr.'s office---I was amazed because I could actually see!
Got bifocals in 6th grade for some reason. Got rid of bifocals in 9th grade (different eye dr.

Vision became progressivly worse until I reached the point that glasses didn't help a heck of a lot. At that time my vision was -11 diopters with a severe astigmatism. (for those of you who don't wear glasses---perfect vision is 20/20; -11 basically means I had 20/1100 vision. That's pretty bad.)

I had Lasik surgery 9 years ago when it was still considered experimental. My surgery was done by a dr. who actually taught the procedure to other drs. My vision now is 20/35 in one eye. The other eye somehow ended up being over corrected; I've gone from -11 in that eye to +3! That makes for some interesting vision problems. (my dr. had done over 800 surgeries; I was only the 2nd person to have complications, naturally) I've tried wearing a contact just in that eye but because the cornea is now so flat the contact slides all over. I have "ghosts" in my vision----if you see the number 11, I see 1111. I need a lot of light to be able to read. I get very frustrated sometimes. I could have surgery on the bad eye, but it might not help and I'm not willing, at this point, to take the chance.

Having said all that, I'd still have the Lasik over again. Before surgery, I couldn't even read my digital clock on my bedside table unless I put my glasses on. I felt totally helpless without them (I was legally blind) I can drive without glassses (for now, anyway). I still wear glasses read. I'm amazed at how much I can do without having to put glasses on. (and they're not prescription glasses, just over the counter readers)
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I first got glasses in 8th grade after my parents found out I was borrowing my friend's glasses to read the board. I got contacts when I was a Junior in HS (16 years old). I've thought about surgery but contacts really don't bother me, plus I hate doctors!
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Got my first pair of glasses around 8 or 9. Hated it, but hey, I was nearsighted and couldn't see the blackboard. Been wearing them ever since.

I have lots of issues with allergy eyes and have been told that I am not a good candidate for contacs. I have an aversion to the laser thingys that they do to correct vision. Even the "wave" stuff... something about tampering with healthy tissue.
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I got my first pair of glasses when I was about ten years old. Started wearing Tri-focals about a year ago.
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I have had corrective surgery, about 8 years ago. I love it.
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I'm very nearsighted and have some astigmatism. I've had glasses since I was 12, went to bifocals when the fine print became too fine -- about 15 years ago I guess -- and progressives about 8 years ago. I have never been tempted to put anything in my eyes (contacts) or have surgery.
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I've been wearing contact lenses for 20 years.
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Glasses at age 7; contacts at age 13 (refused to wear my glasses).

I would never have any surgery that I don't absolutely have to. Besides, I thought retinal scans won't work any more after laser eye surgery.

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Glasses in the 3rd grade, or was it the second? Don't remember Then contacts later on in school. I wear both today, right now I am wearing glasses. Someday I will get Lasik. I still consider it too new to get it even tho my eye doctor tells me otherwise every time. But many of my friends and family don't think so and got it.
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Got glasses about age 10. Tried contacts after I was out of college. I have a odd type of astigmatism that prevents contacts from giving me 20/20 vision. Got bifocals at age 28 due (said the doc) to computer usage. This year I bought two new pairs of glasses with the transition lenses-I adapted pretty well considering I had the lined bifocals for over 20 years!! One pair also has the transition lenses (one mighty expensive pair of glasses as they also have teflon coated lenses!!)

Doc said if I try laser correctin it my not correct to 20/20 or better so I'm not giving it a shot. Neil had laser correction 9 years ago and is needing reading glasses now.
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I got glasses when I was 6, thought about having laser until I met someone who is blind for life after it and now am too chicken
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I was tested at 20/15 when I got my driver's licence at age 17. I used to
be able to read a newspaper from across the room.

I just turned 45 this year and had to break-down and get a set of reading
glasses for work because some of the text on the maps and other documents
I read is extremely fine; but for general reading (magazines, newspapers, the
web) I can usually do without them.

My long distance vision is still excellent, though not as good as it was when
I was 17.
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I began wearing glasses when I was 15
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I do not have perfect vision, my prescription is like -4.00 in each eye.

I got glasses in 6th grade, I dont remember how old that would have made me. 12? I got contacts when I was 17, after much pestering for a few years asking my parents if I could have them. Since we were moving and I was really upset about it, my dad brought me to get contacts to "make up" for moving somewhat.

I do want Lasik for sure, I'd love to not have to worry about contacts or glasses anymore.
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Do you have perfect vision, or do you wear glasses or contacts? If you wear glasses or contacts, how old where you when you got your first pair? Would you consider corrective surgery (or have you had it?)
when I was on primary school ( I think I was 11 years old )once, the professor goes to see something at the direction and left us alone for a moment...(it took around 15 minutes...) the party (in the middle of the schoolroom begins and someone throw a cap of pop soda and I was hit in my left eye....... nothing serious happen to me but the Dr ask to me that I should to wear lenses for improve my health vision... since that even I wear lenses but only for study or watch television.... normaly don´t...
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I have something like 20/50 or 20/70 in my right eye, but 20/15 in my left eye. lol My left eye pretty much makes up for the right one, but I still need glasses for driving and reading. I almost failed my driving test a few years ago because of my vision...you know how they make you hold one eye shut and tell them what the letters are?? How often do you drive with one eye shut?? Anyway, so I went to the eye doctor and they gave me glasses. I think I was 24 or 25? I can't remember the exact year. I can't wear contacts because my eyes are really dry.

I would not consider corrective surgery.
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I have horrible vision. I have to wear glasses every day. I have worn glasses since I was 5 it sucks!
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nope, i don't have perfect vision. i have to wear glasses when am on the computer, watching television, reading or driving. am not sure about how old i was when i first got mine, i wasn't too young from what i can remember though. i would definately consider corrective eye surgery, it's just a matter of saving up the money for it.
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I have perfect vision, and have never had to wear glasses. Its weird because my uncle and my mom are both blind in their left eyes. So was my brother. All of them were born with their left eyes crossed too. My brother has had glasses since he was like 3, and had to wear a patch over his right eye to force him to use the left, which corrected the problem. Its something that runs in the family, but skips a person. I got lucky i guess.
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