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Needing some ideas for a Graduation gift

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I'm terrible about picking out gifts for people! I just don't seem to think of any good ideas. My brother is graduating on the 18th of this month and I don't have a clue what to buy him. On top of the graduation gift, his birthday is on the 8th. That is a scary thought-My lil brother will be 18! Ok..I feel old!

I would like to get him one present for both events (mainly cuz I'm trying not blow all my money!). He has decided not to go to college right away, but plans on going to the Police Academy within the next year. He is also planning on moving out and living with one of his buddies, but honestly I don't know how that is going to work out. He has no concept of saving money or paying any bills. Mom and Dad have bailed him out so many times he now thinks it's their responsibility to pay his bills. So, I will not just give him money or it will just be blown away on something useless.

Any ideas or suggestions? What are somethings you've received or given as graduation gifts? I remember getting mostly money and gift certificates.
Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!
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I could be dating myself, but I remember luggage being a biggie, as we were all heading off to college.
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If he's moving out, a small microwave oven or toaster oven is a good idea.
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Tell us a bit about his hobbies or something... Its always easier to pick a present like that

Im trying to think though: what do you get an 18-years old guy? He probably has everything he wants. Is he into music? laying any instruments?
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That's a tough one. If he's planning on going into police work, how about a gift certificate from Amazon? Or - this might sound crazy, but I lived with a Philly cop for five years, and he really liked gift certificates from L.L. Bean or Land's End, because they had great underwear for cold weather, which you certainly get in Nebraska!
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HeeHee Shell I am also in the same dilemma.... Your brother and my brother are the same age and are both graduating this year!

I still have no idea what to get him because he refuses to go to his 'prom' and only reluctantly agreed to go to the graduation ceremonies. I was going to rent him his tux for the big night, but he refuses to go, so I can't buy him that.

The only thing he's thinking of doing in his life is being a mechanic...what do you get a mechanic?? Overalls??? He probably would like a digital camera, but they are so expensive...and so are needed parts for his truck...

I don't know what to get boys, they never seem to appreciate anything except money. I agree with you though that you shouldn't give him money if he's just going to throw it away on junk. But anythng we get them might be considered the same...

I dunno, If you think of something, let me know ok?
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Tamme, if your bro wants to be a mechanic, a gift certificate from Sear's is good. Craftman tools have a lifetime guarantee so, when they break (and they WILL), he can get them replaced free.
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My parents got me a nice set of luggage for my HS graduation. I like to travel a lot! And it's easier to use those then to throw everything in backpacks and trash bags.

I guess something, usefull, practicle. I personally think those are really the best gifts, or something that will help further their career, if they need a specific item to start up a business, or tools to do a job, etc. Good luck
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Michelle, i have a tendency to buy stuff that i like for people as gifts. Bad idea!

Before, i wasted a lot of postage fees and $$ mailing presents for my nieces across the miles -- it is like throwing darts.

One day, i asked for feedback, wondering how they liked some of the stuff i sent. They told me they actually do not most of the items i sent. Oh boy!! All effort down the drain!! Since then, i bought them what THEY like and want instead.

i guess if i were to get a graduation gift for a brother today, this is what i will get:

A beautiful card, hand-written with encouraging words, with some cash enclosed. This way, the receipient can buy whatever he so wishes.

You said no cash? What about a shopping voucher from a big departmental store? Oh, yes, a card is a must, surely?

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If he's serious about moving out, how about a beginner's set of pots and pans? Or a cookbook? When my brother and sis-in-law got married, she didn't know how to cook. I got her a great cookbook, "Now You're Cooking", which literally starts at boiling water and works up to a full meal (pot roast, if I remember).

If household stuff is too "girly", how about an IOU to help him out with expenses at the Police Academy? I don't know what that entails, but maybe you can promise to help buy textbooks.
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Thanks guys for the great suggestions! This kid is so hard to buy for! If he wants something, he buys it. So, it makes it difficult to buy him anything he really wants. He's been asking for new fancy speakers in his car, but I just don't want to buy them. I just know that he'll crank up his stereo and end up with a ticket from the local police. He definitely don't need that right now. He's a good kid, but at times he just makes bad choices. I asked Mom if he said anything about what he wants for graduation. She said he made a comment that he'd like a dorm room size refridgerator. Why he'd want that, I don't know. He wouldn't really be able to use it in a apartment since usually apartments come with full size refriderators. He also told Mom that he stopped in at the local cop shop and talked to them about what he needs to do to become a cop. They said that the laws are changing next year which will require him to have 2 years of college under his belt before he could be accepted into the Police Academy. So...maybe that door size fridge might come in handy after all. The only other thing I thought about getting him was a gift certificate for some new clothes or even a membership to our local gym. He's been wanting to get into better shape, so the Academy won't kick his butt too bad. What do think about that?
If you were an 18 year kid which would you choose if you had the choice: new clothes, membership to the gym, or a fridge?
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Teehee! Michelle.. kids will be kids.. probably opt for clothes.. He gotta look cool for college, you know?

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Yeah..he's gotta look Studly for all those hot little college chickies!*LOL*
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How about a gasoline gift card? My daughter just graduated from college last weekend and those were big on the lists of the graduates up there, especially the guys. They also liked certificates to food places like Applebees and Fridays. And my daughter flipped over her $100 Walmart gift card from her Grandma. She can get anything there........even groceries. OHHHHHHHH........and then there are the PHONE CARDS!! The kids loved those too. They are all practical gifts that will save them money on stuff they really need.
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Thanks! I never even thought about gas cards or cards for groceries. Duh..I even work for WalMart for goodness sakes! Ya woulda thought it would have crossed my mind.
Thanks for the suggestions!
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It may seem a bit fuddy duddy, but I got a zippered briefcase/portfolio combo type thing for my graduation 13 years ago, and I still use it. You always need something like that for job and college interviews, to carry extra resumes and transcripts and stuff, and it always made me feel "professional" to carry it, even when I was young and just starting out.
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