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Weather and behavior

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Maybe I missed a thread about this...

Considering we have hardly any seasons in Cali, do cats know it is winter?

Mine have gotten sooo cuddly. It is a little colder indoors now, but not like outside. Their coats have gotten thicker too.

Do indoor cats have that good an instict about seasons?
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Mine all huddle together this time of year.
It is 38 right now.
When its hot they spread out.
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I recently read somewhere that cats can detect temperature with extreme accuracy. They can find the warmest spot in the room to the degree. I don't know if they understand winter but they're definitely more sensitive to temperature than we are.
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My cat is a Sphynx, indoor. she will grow a little bit of hair during the winter all over her body and doesn't hang out around as much, she spends a lot more time in her heated beds or snuggling up with the dogs. And we keep the house pretty warm all winter long compared to others we know, but it is colder than summer for sure. she sure knows when that temp changes. The hair disappears around late Feb and isn't seen again until winter. And she becomes more active with the warmth, not as lazy and focused on keeping warm and toasty. Yes she wears a sweater, after all she is naked
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