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Problems with new adoptee

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I just adopted a stunning female russian blue from the local animal control. I've had her about a week now and things just seem to be declining as the days go on =(. Mya and her seem to be starting to put up with each other (as long as I'm not in the room. Mya is possessive). My biggest issue is that Avalon (the new adoptee) seems to be obssessive compulsive. When she sees something that interests her, she goes on a mission and NOTHING will stop in her way. Her biggest thing is doors. The second she hears or sees a door open, shes through it before you can even think about stopping her. We've tried scaring her away and we've tried a spray bottle. The spray bottle worked for the first day or two but now she just ignores it. She would only try to rush the door every so often but now its gotten to where she does it EVERY time. I dont so much mind her running from my room but I'm going to be moving them into an apartment in a few months and then in a year or so we're going to be moving out of state. I'm extremely worried that shes going to get out of the apartment and somethings going to happen to her.

I really do like her but things just dont seem to be working out. My fiance absolutely hates her now and I'm quickly loosing hope.

I was debating maybe taking her to the humane society and picking out a different cat while I'm there since they have more info on the behavior of their cats.
I really want a cat that is like Mya and puts up with everything. Avalon has very short patience before she starts to hiss. Mya has never hissed at me and I've tried to walk her on a leash!

What do you guys think I should do?
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How old is she?
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Just over a year but shes spayed.
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You've only had her a week - that's not enough time to adjust.

Chances are good that she was let outside a lot - don't use s spray bottle it can be harmful - just be diligent going through doorways.

Her real purr-sonality probably hasn't come out yet - she's new, not used to things, & still adjusting to her new home. Be patient, works out her "quirks" & adapt to them yourself. She's a good kitty & will fit in eventually.
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Give her time.
Russian Blues can be like that.
I would not use the spray bottle it may make her want out more.
I would try to keep her.
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Well a week isn;t giving the poor cat a chance at all. You can't expect her to walk into your house and adapt to all of your preferences in one week. It is totally unrealistic and unfair to your new cat. Does your boyfriend hate her just becasue she is trying to get out of the door? I think that you might find that a lot of cats will try to run out of a door, they are curious. It is up to you to put the time in to teach her that she can/can't do stuff. I think that you really owe this cat a chance to become part of your household. This new cat is her own kitty, she won't be the same as your cat Maya for obvious reasons, yet if you took a bit more time to get to know her then you might find that she is a lovely cat too.
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How long would be considered a decent amount of time to adjust? I'm more than willing to wait and work with the cat and my fiance isnt big on cats anyway so I'm not overly worried about him hating her. He can deal.

What are different methods of keeping her away from the door when you open it? I understand that cats are curious but I really am worried about her saftey when we move.
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I should think she'll need a least a month for you to start seeing what she's really going to be like and even then she may not yet be totally settled. A lot of it is going to be up to her and her unique personality.

As for the doors, you're right that you've got to stop her from running through them. Have you tried clapping your hands loudly or making some other sound? Many times that will stop them. Before you go out, try giving her a really cool toy or treat far away from the door, maybe that will hold her interest. You could also get a laser pointer and run it around on the floor. If she chases it, shine it away from the door as you exit. It might be a bit annoying to have to do these things but it won't last forever. She'll lose interest in it. Probably, she's just curious about her new environment.
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This trick has never failed me.
Get your vacuum, turn it on (without pluging it in) and place it by the door, leaving the cord and a plugin within easy reach.

Every time she approaches the door, plug it in.
Usually after about 3-4 good startles the cat will stop going near it, or will at least approach slowly and cautiously.
After anywhere from a week to a month (some cats are stubborn) you can put the vac away.

I do not have any door rushing kitties anymore and my newest just joined me from being an outside stray just weeks ago.
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Patience is key. Harley was still under the bed after a week--believe me I was worried we made the wrong decision--he didn't seem like the kind of cat to do this when we met him at Petsmart. In fact 3 weeks in he still spent most of his time under the bed. It's been more than 6 months now and I don't regret choosing him for a minute. He is the absolute opposite of Jack and we love him just as much. It'd be very boring if he were just like Jack.

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You might try learning how to do a proper introduction with your cats so they have a higher chance of getting along, Feliway will also help. You are rushing this. Why does your boyfriend hate her?
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I placed her in a crate for the first 2-3 days that i had her but shes psychotic in a crate (had her in there so she could meet Mya while still being in a controlled area). I felt really bad since it was almost like she was back at animal control. Mya and her are getting along decently now as long as I'm not near Mya so thats not the problem.

The vaccuum thing might work with the door problem! I know trying to scare her with loud noises doesnt even faze her.

As for my fiance, hes not much of an animal person which sucks because I've loved animals my whole life and I've always had to have some sort of pet with me. He doesnt really understand why I spoil my cat as much as I do but to each his own I suppose.
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I have to admit, that I'm glad I kept her. Shes turning out to be a great cat! Shes become far more social and has some of the cutiest antics! We still have a bit of a problem with her running for the door but I've let her kind of search around for a while and she hasnt been as bad about it. She actually sleeps with me now although its kind of creepy waking up to someone staring at you 1" from your face.
We went to see Santa today and she did better than Mya!

I really appreciate everyones advice, it really helped.
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I don't know if this will work with a cat... but we had our dog in obedience class and when trying to discourage him from something he wanted they had us stand in the way, and if he'd try to get past we'd just move in front of him, eventually he learned that he had to wait till we said he could have the item... you might be able to do the same thing with doors? like, go through the bedroom door or some other inner door, and if she goes to follow you block her way... and do it with different doors of your home, just so she doesn't think it's just that one door... not sure if it'll work, but it might be worth a try
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Poor kitty! Everyone's right--it just takes time for a newcomer to adjust to a new home, new kitty friends, new humans, etc. Just think about how you'd feel if you were suddenly dropped into a totally new environment and told, "Well, here's your new husband! You'll just love him! Here are your new kids, too!, etc"!! Kitty's world has been turned upside-down, big-time!

I, too, HIGHLY recommend Feliway. I've used the plug-in version--it's calmed newcomers to the household and worked wonders when we've moved. You can get it at PetCo and PetSmart in the US.

Good luck--please don't give up on kitty!
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