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Hi all Please get to know my babies

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Hi to all you furr lovers out there! My name is shannon and I am a proud mommy of five furr people. Their names are Skittle, Misser, freeway, Iddy and Bitty. Skittle is 11 years old, misser is 9, freeway is 4 and likewise for Iddy and Bitty. All my pets are rescues. First I got Skittle from the pound JUST IN TIME!!! Then I pulled Misser out of a dogs mouth who was trying to have a midnite snak! Then we found Iddy and Bitty under a trailer home they were about, well how ever long it takes to open thier eyes, that just happend Iddy still had one closed. All the adult cats had been taken to the pound two days before there were 26! Out of 11 kittens all of differant ages they were the only to survive. And then we found freeway on the 60 freeway in southern california in the carpool lane during rush hour traffic! I still cant figure out how she got their! She was very sick and her eyes were pasted shut with puss. How she dident get hit is beyond me. I wanted to find homes for all of them but I could not find anyone that I felt would do a good job. They all had had so many cats and realy could not explain what had happend to all of them. That led me to belive that they dident care! So here we are one big happy family. As soon as I can figure out how to I will post pics See Ya!
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Well, Hello Shannon!!! Very nice to meet you!!

You sound like a wonderful person, and thank you for taking such good care of cats!!

Enjoy the Cat Site :flash:
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Cool..welcome to TCS!!! I am sure you will love it here and look forward to posting with you!!! Got pictures of your babies?
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Welcome Shannon!! You're an angel to rescue those critters. It is hard to find homes good enough for those little ones who have come into our lives and hearts. I'm glad you were so thorough in your search for homes, though.

Just as a plug for the other website that I'm a part of, it sounds like your stories would be purrfect for www.savesamoa.org which is a site dedicated to telling inspiring rescue stories like yours. It actually all started because of a story from this site, which did finally have a happy ending due to the efforts of many members here. Anyway, check it out, and we would love to put your rescue stories up too!

For posting picture, check out the thread at the top of this forum "How to Post Pictures" for a step by step how-to.

I look forward to getting to know you and your very special kitty family!
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Thanks for loving the rescued kitties.. you are such a sweetheart!!

Cheers to Noodles!
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Welcome! You are such an angel for rescuing all those kitties!
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Here are my babies I figured out how to post!:flash:
Here is Bitty "very sweet" My mommy loves me best!

Meet Freeway "I'm pesty"

Big O' Iddy "Aphla Man Cat"

Misser "I used to Alpha"

Skittle " The Queen"

I hope you all think they are as wonderful as we do! :blush2
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Very lovely pix!! Thanks, Noodles, for sharing.. very cool!

The kitty in the last pix reminds me of Angel's kitty.


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What beautiful kitties! Head bumps to them from my Pride!
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Your kitties are beautiful!
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Hi Shannon! Welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Your babies are adorable! Thanks for sharing their pictures with us!
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You have some beauties there!!!! Thanks for sharing!
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Great pics and gorgeous kitties!!

P.S. I'm going to merge this with your original welcome thread so no one gets confused.
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Gorgeous Kitty Kats !! & Welcome to the Boards
I am Sam and I breed Captivating Persians & Exotics
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