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Missing Feral

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I have been feeding a feral cat since about June, she comes on to my porch every night to eat. I rarely see her but I know it is her that has been coming to eat. I have a shelter for her to use but she does not. I knew that she had 3 kittens in June, my neighbor thought that they were abandoned and had 2 euthanized at a local shelter. I was feeding her and the kitten, but did not see the kitten all summer. I just saw her during the day about a month ago and have been planning to trap her and have her spayed this month. She has not come to eat since Friday evening. I thought at first that maybe she was just in hiding because the weekend was so cold, but today was warmer and she has not shown up. I am feeling really guilty for not moving more quickly in getting her spayed, but I was not sure if there might be another litter of kittens left alone if I did indeed catch her. There are not many cats in this neighborhood and I have asked everyone about her-no sign. I am hoping she will return soon. I will not delay in trapping her this time.
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Continue looking around everywhere possible for her. Sometimes they disappear and then all of a sudden reappear and are fine. This weekend was cold here, and I ended up trying to trap a kitten and failed, and found him not alive the very next day. I had no idea the cold was too cold for him to survive it. On the other hand, I had a friendlier cat, that disappeared for four days, which was very unusual to not see for more than one day. I figured she was taken or something happened, but she did reappear. She has a bad URI ( I took her in once she reappeared which I planned to do). So it is possible she didn't feel well and was hiding or something had spooked her, because she was acting distant. Just keep checking. Call for her and put out enticing food. And hopefully she will resurface!!
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I believe that she is back!! The food bowl has been empty the past 2 mornings after a week of them not being touched! I need to do something to find out if it is indeed her and then I will not delay in trapping her. I can't imagine where she was or what she was eating since she has been eating here since June.
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Oh thats good to hear!! I hope it is her and that you can spot her. Maybe try just setting the food in the trap in the same area to see if it is her. Hopefully she will surface and you will be able to see that she is okay!!
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My missing girl is back!! I am so relieved!! I am going to try and trap her ASAP and keep her in a crate in a heated garage for a few days. Hopefully she will get accustomed to staying around here more than for just a meal. I am hoping the trapping attempt will be successful, another cat that I care for has avoided and even broken out of traps so I am a little nervous for her. But I am happy she is back and eating every night!!
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So glad she's back. that you can catch her soon.
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Glad that she returned! Sending prayers and vibes that she gets trapped, spayed & homed very soon
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thanks, everyone, happy new year!!
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