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My new kitty: Inadvertant rescue.

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After doing alot of thought, I believe my new kitty can be classed as a rescue even though I did not get him from a rescue, etc.

On this past weekend, I was talking to my hubby about getting a cat. I wanted to adopt from a shelter, or find one through kijiji. He gave me the ok to get a cat on Monday.

I searched thru the local rescues, as well as put a Wanted ad on Kijiji. I went to a local shelter, but they did not have a kitty that suited me. I got alot of responses from my ad, but this one stuck out to me.

This lady obviously wanted a good home for her kitty, and put up with my tons of questions. She emailed me pics of the kitten, and his parents. She said she could drop him off to me. After corresponding via emails, I got the kitty from her today. I picked up the same foods she was using in hopes to help him adjust to his new home.

He is a gorgeous Ragdoll (bi-color I believe his coloring is called). He is the sweetest lil thing.

Now here's where I get the deep thoughts part. She wasn't taking very good care of him He was being fed Whiskas adult food, he might have a cold or asthma, and I believe he is quite underweight. He looked healthy in the pics. I am kind of glad I didn't go and see him before I got him, only because there is the chance I would have seen he was unhealthy and not taken him.

I'm a firm believer in: Everything happens for a reason.

I emailed her asking about his wheezing. She said she was ill and "I feed them and clean the litter and that is all." No loving, no attention really. He has never been to the vet (which I knew prior, and wasn't too worried because he was an indoor cat) and was being "beat up" by his parents. He has a chunk of hair missing off of his tail, which after hearing about him being picked on I understand where the hair went.

She did say that she would take him back if I didn't want him, or if there was something wrong with him.

I wouldn't do that. I think he's here for a reason... to get the loving he deserves. I mean, how can I return him if he's sick, knowing she hasn't been taking care of him? He'd just get worse and possibly die... he's too beautiful and too sweet to have that future.

I had had another email response to my ad, the lady had 2 gorgeous ragdolls that both had colds. She was honest and upfront about their health. Part of me wishes that this lady was upfront, but on the other hand, as I've said, I might not have taken him knowing he was not in good health.

There were tons of responses to my ad, with healthy younger kittens or older ones. but I was drawn to this one for a reason.

Please pass me some healing vibes or something, so I can reverse any damage that was done....fix his wheezing, get some weight on him (the fur makes him look to be a fair weight, but I doubt he's more than 1.5lbs, which for a 4mos old ragdoll, concerns me) and give him the chance at a good life that he deserves.

I did pick up a kitten food and am mixing it with what he was eating. i don't want to upset his tummy. And will eventually have him moved over to a way better food than what he was on. Hopefully it all works out well.

Thanks for listening.
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sending & for him... i'm glad you were able to move up the vet appointment - he sounds like he needs it.
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Sending lots & lots of prayers and vibes out to your new boy You are a Heaven-sent gift to him
Also, sending prayers and vibes out to those other kitties who need to find homes, too - how sad that there were so many responses to your ad
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What a story. I hope he turns out okay and puts on some weight with the better food. He sounds like a sweetie
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Aww, he's so lucky to have such a caring owner. Ditto the vet appointment - a vet would be able to see about the wheezing and his weight issues, as well as help you set up a plan on how best to care for your newest addition.
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I have to say this because of what I've said in a different thread.

I do believe that the previous owner did not know he was sick. I contacted her to let her know about the possible ringworm because she has 2 other cats. She was glad I did because her husband is in very bad health, with a depressed immune system so if it is ringworm, her husband is in bad health and wouldn't be able to deal with this on top of everything else.

She offered to pay part of the vet bill to cover the portions concerning his illness 02 so I do believe that the only thing she neglected, was spending the time with the cats to know they were sick. But knowing more on her situation, I don't think I would be able to spend much time with my pets either if I was going thru the issues she is.
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