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So I think its time we invest in some Petromalt--that seems to be the preferred hairball choice? I've seen two flavors malt and tuna? Which flavor is the prefered flavor of your cats?


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Mine preferred Malt :-)
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my kitties wont eat the stuff (any of the hairball treatments i've tried) my vet suggested a little mineral oil mixed in with their food, its helped a lot! maybe you should discuss this option with your vet too if you cant find a flavor they like
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Larry loves, loves, LOVES it!! I have the malt flavored. He'd probably eat tuna flavored too, though. He'll eat anything.
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My cats go crazy for the malt flavour
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I use Defurr-um treats. they seem to work well.

After these run out I intend to try petromalt since its so popular.
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Petromalt works very well. I buy the malt flavor.
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Have never tried the tuna, but mine like the malt flavor and lick it off my finger.
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I get the Petromalt treats, and Harley loves them.
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I don't buy anything special. Chynna likes that malt stuff and will readily lick the tube, but Abby refuses to. Even spreading it on her paw doesn't work. She will go and rub her paw on the couch to wipe it off! So I just give my cats good old fashioned "Vaseline Petroleum Jelly". It's non toxic and tasteless and works like a charm, even for finicky cats like Abby.
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We also use malt Petromalt! Alpine loves it. I squirt out about an inch and she licks it off my finger. She gets this twice a week and it has really helped. She's been on it over 2 months and has had only vomited a hairball once in that time.
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