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Baby Sabrina Aisenberg

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I am not sure if any of you are up on this story. Its resurface has been big news here in Tampa, as the child disappeared from here.

Here's a link with the current developments: Baby Sabrina

Do you think it's her? At the time of the original story, there was implication that the parents either killed her or sold her. What do you think?
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These are some strange cases - young'uns popping up everywhere. It doesn't sound as though Texas authorities tried very hard to find out who this girl was, in the first place.
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I suppose it's possible - somebody stole her, and then got cold feet when it was time to start thinking about registering her for school, etc.. So many kids disappear, and I imagine there is a lot of wishful thinking as far as any resemblance is concerned. It's good that there's now such a thing as DNA fingerprinting - that was an incredible scientific breakthrough. I was watching a rerun of "Medical Detectives" the other night, where they covered two cases solved/proven because of pet DNA, one involving a cat in Canada, the other a dog in the U.S..
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Yes, I remember this story. I would like to think that this child is Sabrina. The alternative to kidnapping is too terrible to think about.
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Well, the parents were suspect for a very long time, and I am not so sure of their innocence. Now the story is saying that it is doubtful the DNA will be a match.
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