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We brought our new little, precious girl home!

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I've been talking about her for a couple weeks now but we went to see her today and brought her home! She is absolutely precious! She definitely still needs lots of encouragement and TCS vibes from all who would give them......
It was a bit unclear what her background was and what happened to her till we met her today. Theresa, the woman who took her in and cared for her, has 2 older indoor cats and regularly feeds the strays outside her home. This particular kitten who was a stray she really took a love for. She tried to introduce her to the other indoor kitties and they were not having it! So she posted a thread on Craigslist hoping to find a loving home for her feeling she was special. The day after she posted, the kitten was attacked by another animal and it was pretty bad. Theresa took her to the animal hospital, she lost her tail and had several wounds in her back end that required stitches. She also lost some of her rear claws probably due to trying to escape during the attack. I'm tearing up just describing her story........
Anyway, when we arrived she was separated in a tiny 6x6 room because the other cats chase and torment her. Her hind quarters is completely shaved, but her hair is definitely starting to grow back. She has a little stub for a tail and was scared but the sweetest little kitten I have met yet! Just curled into a little bawl, not defensive in any way! We had to bring her home!
We haven't named her yet, even her vet bill has Name, Stray.......So sad! It is definitely going to take time for her to warm up and settle in, but she is the best Christmas gift yet! I will post pictures soon!our new!
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I am glad you got her and hope she feels better.
My Meeko got very sick as a kitten and I had not named her so it said no name on the bill.
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Oh, the poor sweetie! What a terrible way to start out life, but what a wonderful family to end up with. At least the other woman tried to give her a home, and took care of her when she needed it. I'm sure she will settle in and feel comfortable soon, and she'll let her name be known to you when she's ready. I'm sure you're the best Christmas gift to her too. God bless you for taking in this precious kitten and giving her a new life. Can't wait to see pics!!!
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Just reading her story made me tear up, too.
I hope she realizes really soon how safe and surrounded with love she is now.
Sending so many many vibes to her that she will settle in really quick.

I cant imagine how how scared she must be from her past happenings.

I hope your little girl wraps her paws around her and loves her, too
Thank you for helping her
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Bless you for taking in this poor little girl. Please post pictures when you can!
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Awww...that's so sweet! Thanks for taking her! She's one lucky kitty!
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Bless Theresa for rescuing her and you for giving her the new home she so deserves Just think, from an injured, terrified kitten all alone to a princess, safe & cared for, with a future filled with scritches, good food, comfy bed & TOYS!!!
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Here's her update..... We like the name she was recently given which is Bella. Bella has come out and explored, emptied her food bowl while she was left alone, and has taken to hiding under the bed when Eric comes in the room. I am so happy she is exploring when left alone, and eating! I think she will warm up quicker then I will stop worrying about her! I'm such a worry wart!
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Glad to hear she is getting comfortable. May you have a lifetime of warm purrs and together...can't wait to see a picture of your new princess. BTW--I love the name Bella
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Awwww what a sad story! I am tearing up as well. You are such a sweetie for taking this precious baby home with you. Cant wait for pic! Congrats on your new baby.
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awwww. Congrats on your new furbaby.

She has had such a rough life already I'm thankful this lil one had a guardian angel who was willing to take a "stray" into the vets... so many people in this world would not do that.

I'm glad to see she has a nice loving forever home now. I hope she gets better soon, and settles in well for you.
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Calming for sweet Bella and big for you giving her a home.
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Congratulations on adopting little Bella! (What a lovely name!) Her story goes from heartbreaking to heartwarming! Her background is very, very similar to that of my precious Ophelia, who has since crossed the Rainbrow Bridge. Ophelia came to us extremely skittish and impossibly shy, unused to positive human or feline contact. To make a long story short, after showering her with a tremendous amount of love and providing her with a safe, stable home and lots of routine, she grew to be a large, beautiful semi-longhair calico, and one of the most loving kitties I've ever known. Although she never had a litter of her own, she was especially loving and motherly with all of the kittens who later joined our family. Our precious Ophelia crossed the Bridge due to a rare neurological condition, but we are so lucky to have gotten to love her as long as we did on this earth.
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Aww that poor little girl! What a horrible thing to happen... Lots of healing vibes for Bella I hope she makes a full recovery and is eventually able to get along with your other cats. Bless you for taking her home, you're truly an angel!
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