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So What's On the Menu this Evening?

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To be quite honest the weather is so bad here right now I figured I had better inventory my freezer and supplies in case I am snowed in for the rest of the winter.
In the process I came across a sirloin Tip Roast so that is what I am making for dinner plus potatoes, savory cabbage, and mushroom gravy. I also found some frozen blackberries which I am going to have with yogurt for dessert...
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While I would love to be having supper at your house, I guess I'll just have a frozen pizza tonight. We do have chocolate silk pie for dessert; mmmmmmm.
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Leftovers! Woohoo!!
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I'm going to pan fry a couple of mahi mahi fillets, and serve with pasta and leftover veges. Oooh! I just remembered I made some bread yesterday!
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Well we might just be having leftover shephards pie. Or salad.
Chocolate from my SS is probable though.

I snowblowed/shoveled for 3plus hours today so I'm not in the cooking mood!!
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I put ribs in the crockpot before I left for work this morning, and they're done and ready to be eaten. Just have to do a workout, then we can have dinner. I can't wait! I've already been snacking on a few pieces and they are SO good
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Im going to have some sausage tonite..God I LOVE sausage..
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Bengali fish curry for me, spiced liver for the husband, ewww. He's got that one all to himself. I cooked up a storm on my day off yesterday, so I have lots to chose from.
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I don't know. It has been one of those days. There is lot so food in the house. I just have to think of something
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It's sort of a eat what you like night, since mum has a cold and dad is sleeping through his hockey game on TV. And it's snowing outside so we can't get anything anyway. We're sooo lazy today
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We are going to eat out tonite We dont have alot of groceries and my daughter has a christmas program at 630 so just as easy to order out
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marinated chicken breast, brown rice and broccoli...
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While I was out mailing my Christmas present to my Dog-in-law I stopped by QUIZNO'S and picked up sandwiches, chips and cookies for Mom and me for supper. Not very nutricious but........
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I think I'll make some eye of round steaks with Montreal Steak seasoning, mashed potatoes, and bread sticks tonight

I know if I get home at 8pm though, I really wont be amused with doing that though!
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Beef stew leftovers.

I made a huge batch cooking in the slow cooker all day yesterday, and it's soo good!
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Chicken fried steak dinner at the local Elks club.
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Got creative with leftovers and made pork fried rice! Yummy!!!!
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Ended up making some sort of beef/bean thing with noodles. It was good, and VERY filling!
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A small pork roast cooked since 9 am in the crockpot, with just salt and pepper and a touch of crushed garlic. Corn muffins and baked potato, with sliced pears in light syrup for dessert
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Shahi Paneer with Rice and Asparagus.
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Leftover potroast,potatoes and carrots...yum!
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Spaghetti & meatballs - was a long day and it was difficult to cook as I have a sore hand so something easy
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Sushi, this time I made it rice on the outside with salmon, celery, and avocado and sprinkled with lightly toasted seasame seeds.
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Everyones dinners sound so good. We had chicken (the pre-made ones with cheese and ham inside), garlic mashed potatoes and corn. I didn't end up eating much of it because I've been sick and haven't got my appetite back yet.
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had cheesy turkey meatloaf and asaparagus.

Had vanilla yogurt and granola for dessert....and my cats licked up the rest of the yogurt when I wasn't looking!
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Well my mom & I had Chinese for lunch at a local Chinese buffet and I had so many chicken popcorn things with sweet & sour sauce and spring rolls and 3 fried donuts. plus some macaroons they had and a strawberry thing that was good and a piece of carrot cake they had for dessert. Their desserts are very bland but good. So I didnt have anything for dinner and am eating some kettle popcorn now. possibly a muffin for dessert but we shall see.

We'll probably have soup & sandwiches tomorrow for lunch and breakfast for dinner who knows I am too full to think about that right now.


my cats don't eat yogurt but there's a cat at work at the shelter we named Casper (I call her Casper the friendly brat )that steals my co-worker's yogurt when she isn't looking.
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Still have some beef left-over from dinner two nights ago so am making Beef Noodle soup in the crock pot. I will most likely just have a bowl of that with some crusty bread.
Soup is so good on cold winter days...
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Tonight I think will be italian sausages with onions, green peppers and potato. Add a little butter, some italian seasonings and a tiny bit of water in the pan and just bake it. Its quite yummy
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Liver, bacon and onions in a thick gravy, with roast potatoes, peas and sweetcorn
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Liver, bacon and onions in a thick gravy, with roast potatoes, peas and sweetcorn

I can't stand liver Susan, but the rest sounds nice
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