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A responsible pet owner on Craigslist

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I was reading on Craigslist just now and came across a VERY responsible pet owner I just HAD to share it with you all

She adopted a puppy thinking she could keep him in her apartment. She found out later that the building she lives in does NOT allow pets. In fact, she would be evicted if he was seen again.

Most people, when they find out that they cant keep a pet where they live, try to get rid of it. NOT THIS OWNER!!!!!!! She posted a message on Craigslist to ask if someone could keep her dog at their house untill she could find another place to live that would allow her to keep her dog !!!!

She would pay for EVERYTHING he needed... She would come and take him on walks... Do EVERYTHING that he needed. She just needs a place to keep him untill she finds another place.

I wish more owners were as responsible as this owner is. Most owners that post a message say that they LOVE their pets very much but for some reason need to get rid of it. This owner PROVED she loves her pet!!!! I know sometimes giving the pet to someone else is the only option, but there are plenty of other instances where there are better alternitives.
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Yay for her!!!
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Wow! I don't think I know very many people who would go to those lengths to keep their pets. That's great!
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That is so cool~~
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I recently posted a thread about someone who took in a stray but couldn't keep her because of her two indoor cats reacting very hostile towards her. She posted a thread on Craigslist and turned down a few people till she found us.....
Heres the link to our venture........
Even though she couldn't keep her, she cared for her extraordinary and I'm so happy we found this precious little girl! There are some special people and pets found through Craigslist! I was blessed with Maia through Craigslist 2 1/2 years ago, she is my world!
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Its not unusual here, I would say we get 1-2 calls a week at the shelter of people asking if we can board their animal until they get things sorted
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