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Space Needed?

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I am all the time seeing posts from people saying they don’t have the “space†for a 2nd kitty. What is the logic behind this – do cats need a certain amount of “territory†to cover, or do they get bored without a certain amount of space to roam in? I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my two boys and we have no problems at all. So ultimately, is this just an excuse people are using, or am I doing my boys a disservice by keeping them in my little place?

Oh and here is a pic of Spooky and Mulder - they are always together...
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I can't answer for anyone else, but for me space has a lot to do with litter box space. I have 2 cats in my apartment and 2 litter boxes. If I got a 3rd cat, I would want to add a 3rd box and I really don't have room unless I want to put it in a high traffic area.
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I was thinking the same as AlleyGirl....more cats = more litterboxes.

Also, the amount of space your cat "needs" depends on the cat....I've got three cats...one that is overweight and an "adult" ...not sure how old, should be about 5 if the age the shelter gave me was correct (I doubt it) and two that are about 1,1/2 years old. The two younger ones zoom from one end of the ~2,000 sq. ft. house to the other chasing each other, playing with toys, etc. Toby, on the other hand, lays in his bed 90% of the time and would probably be happy in a single room (as long as it contained food and a bed).

Also, although I haven't had this problem, some people have had cats that are very territorial and like to keep a large "personal bubble" of space and get stressed or agressive if the other cats don't back off.

Personally, I think having one cat per "living area" (i.e. bedroom, den, living room, dining room, etc.) would work in most situations as that would give the cats plenty of space (they could all have a room to themselves if they wanted).

When I move out (most definately to a smaller space..either house or apartment) I'll probably see what a different the sq. footage makes in how the cats behave.

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