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My new kitten: do I just need to grow some patience?

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Hello. I got my new kitty today. He is 4mos old, and I haven't decided on a name yet. It has been 6 or 7yrs since I had a cat, and 15yrs since I have had a kitten.

My kitty came from a home with 2 other cats, his parents. He was quite cuddly with his previous owner, and still attached to his mama. (he would try to suckle occassionaly)

I got him home and took him out of my vehicle and he immediately crawled onto my back. (his previous owner said he likes to crawl onto her back when she's scooping the litter). After he decided to get down, I showed him the litter box and let him roam for a bit. He explored a little bit and hid under tables, etc. He was fine when I'd take him out from under the table, and would crawl onto my back for a bit. I noticed him admiring my plants and remembered that plants can be toxic for cats so I took him up to my bedroom.

I showed him his litter box, and his food, and let him be. He is currently hiding under the bed and won't come out.

Should I just let him be or should I get him out from under the bed and pet him? I know he must be stressed out, I would be stressed in his position too. He was crying in the truck but hasn't cried since we got into my house.... so I think he's doing pretty well.

Is there anything else I can do to encourage him to come out and play? Or do I just need to put my patience hat on and wait? (hard to do with a kitty you've waited years for, but if that's best, I can do it). How long does it usually take for a new kitty to warm up to a person and not hide all the time?

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It depends on the kitten.
Some are very friendly the first day others hide.
My Sasha always hid and got scared easy.
Coco and Meeko are way to friendly and never hid as kittens.
Give him time it will get better.
I have a new 4 month old kitten coming tomorrow.
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when I got my first cat, I got myself a good book (Harry Potter, I think), put on some soft new age music, and sat down on the floor near the bed and started reading out loud to myself....I just let my kitty make the first moves...soon, I realized I would no longer have my bathroom to myself, nor my kitchen, front room, or any other room!

Be patient - sounds like he's warming up to you already, and I'm sure you'll be loved on very shortly.

You're already so empathic realizing what a strange new world your boy is in...just try to be patient.
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Don't worry. Just give him time to adjust to his new environment and he ill come out at his own pace. Some cats hide for a few hours, some a few days, some longer. My kitten hid behind the washer and dryer for almost a full day before he started coming out to explore and socialize. It helps to keep them in a small room with their litter, food/water/toys until they are comfortable there, then start exploring the rest of the house. It's just overwhelming for them but once he's ready, he'll be out to play and have fun.
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Thanks everyone. I've never been one for patience LOL, especially since I've been looking forward to this moment for a few years now.

My bedroom is a fair size, with a bathroom, so he has a litter box in the bathroom and food in my bedroom.

I just went up to check on him, and he's still under the bed. I put a treat for him there, and when I came back, the treat was gone

Thanks for the book suggestion. Tues. is my TV night, so I will just sit on the floor up there with him and see how that goes.

Patience is definately a virtue.
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When we got our 4 month old kittens from a rescue, we were instructed to shut them in a room with litter, food, water, and a warm place to sleep and keep them in there for 24 hours. We sat on the floor in that room and played with them some, but made them sleep alone in there. Rescue said that after 24 hours, open the door, and if they come out of the room to you, they're ready! They need to feel like there is some territory that they have mastered before they can move on.
Our cats came to us the next day and ever since they've been our little cuddlebugs (about four weeks now!) They still run to that original room when they're scared though, it's their safe place.
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When Snow first came home she was all over the place. Running around like a mad woman. still does it when she gets excited or scared. She then proceeded to chase Storm around in need of that long tail to swat.
When I brought Celine and Jasmine home this past week, Jasmine ran right for the window sill. Celine ran right for the cat scratcher. They seem so happy now to have such a big house to run around rather than their little cage at the shelter
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When I first brought my girls home, they hid behind the little kitty condo. It took a couple of days for them to warm up to us, Now, almost a year later, they rule the roost!
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