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Should I get this Sphynx?

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Hello, I wasn't sure which forum to post this question in, but I thought since this one was breeding specific someone might be able to offer some advice.

A girl in one of my classes (I am a graduate student who also works full-time) has a Sphynx and she is wanting to get rid of it. I can't really understand why, because she went out of her way to get one and pay the money for him, and she's only had him for a few years. She got a Chihuahua recently that has become her baby and she and her husband have apparently lost their interest in the poor cat from what I can tell. Plus they are about to move pretty far away and said they don't really want to have to take him too.

I found out all of this because I mentioned something in class the other night about how I'd love to own a Sphynx, but I couldn't afford one and I'll always choose a homeless shelter cat over an expensive breed. She immediately offered her Sphynx to me, completely free.

I already have two cats I got from shelters (both are about 2 and a half years old), and I live in a one-bedroom apartment that is a little over 700 square feet. As much as I would love to have this cat, I'm trying to decide if it would be a responsible choice. He already lives in a small apartment with a married couple and a Chihuahua, so I think living with me and two other cats wouldn't be too different for him. Plus from what I've read they are very sociable cats who enjoy being around others cats and people.

My biggest concerns are my two cats. They are my babies and I do not want to make them miserable by bringing in another cat. Although I'm sure they'd learn to get along, I have this fear they'd start resenting me for bringing in this new cat that gets another portion of my attention. Maybe I'm being crazy, but I figured here people would understand I also wondered if their claws could hurt his skin if they play-fight/wrestle with him, because they always do it with each other, and can get pretty rowdy. I keep them trimmed but it could still hurt him...

And finally, the financial aspect of it has me a little concerned as well. I can afford the food and litter, but having a third cat also means I need to be prepared to take care of it should anything happen to it health-wise. Although it seems there are not any prominent genetic deficiencies in Sphynx, I just fear the random things that COULD happen. I could barely afford to handle it now with my two cats, if something were to happen. Fortunately they are both young and healthy (and strictly indoor - the Sphynx would be as well).

The way I look at it, I would be the best option for this cat right now, but he may not be the most responsible decision for me. Thoughts or suggestions?

Also, any tips or advice on owning a Sphynx? His owners currently bathe him once a week which I would continue doing, apparently he loves water

He seems like a really awesome cat. I met him the other night and we hit it off, but I'm sure he'd hit it off with anyone that would give him attention. His name is Harold (Harry for short), and here is a pic of us:

Any advice is welcome and appreciated!!
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I have 4 cats and have a Sphynx coming tomorrow.
Try to find out where she got him from.
See what history they have on him.
Do you know if he was checked for hcm?
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Since you have two young cats I don't think you would have a problem introducing another cat. They aren't used to being an only cat anyway and if you do a search you will find some really good information here about the right way to do introductions. I live in a one bedroom apartment that is 760 square feet and I would have room for a third cat. Vet bills are something that you would have to decide for yourself. I know with the way things are going with the economy unexpected vet bills are a concern for me as well.
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I forgot to say my brother is in a apartmnet that size and has a dog and 7 cats.
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You sound like such a compassionate and sensitive person, I'm sure the cat would fit in great with you and your little family. I think you should go for it. Perhaps you could set aside some "Starbucks" or "fast food" money every week to have a pet emergency fund ready.

Good LUCKY to get a sphinx. I like "weird" cats, cat has wirehair! LOL
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I would adopt this cat in a heart beat. It sounds like the owners are going to give up the cat and who knows where they will send it if it doesn't find a home. I think it's great you are considering taking this cat in your home.

I'm sure in time your cats will all be great buddies!
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I'd take the little one. As long as everyone is spayed/neutered you won't have too many issues. You may have a little challange in the introductions with your limited space, so expect it to take longer then normal. I would be sure your cats have their nails clipped EVERY week and maybe even put the SoftPaws nail caps on them.

I know that the Sphynx breeders really have to watch those claws and probably do keep them trimmed a lot more often so the little nicks/scrapes don't show too bad. Every little scratch WILL show up on the skin of a Sphynx. At shows, the judges know this and its not a disqualification.

But next show we go to I'll try to remember to ask some of the breeders how they do handle the claws of the cats and being with other cats in the house.
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I think I will ask Ed about that.
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I would definitely get him... He will be loved, and taken good care of by you - that's the most important thing.... He is so big in the picture! Love his face! Get him quickly, so he can be loved asap!!
Good Luck!
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Me again.....

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I would get him for sure.
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I would not even hesitate to get the cat. He is beautiful and deserves to have someone like you to love him 24/7. He would be so much better off in your 700sq/ft apt than a 2foot square cage at a shelter. You know in your heart that you can help your friend and the cat. I know I wouldn't sleep at night worrying about it's wellbeing if I didn't adopt it .... I would take it right now
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Sphynx are great and yes they are a little high maintenance. Mainly the baths and ear cleaning, which really takes about 10 minutes only once a week. Is he neutered? I ask because I am curious why they don't want to keep him. Is he spraying or marking?? Could he have an illness that they haven't mentioned?? Does he have behaivoral problems with other animals?? These are the questions that I would ask. If everything checks out I would snag him up in a heartbeat
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So, did you get him yet?
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PM sent.
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How cute you two look together I hope you get him
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I hope you get the cat.
I got my sphynx today.
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First of all he's ADORABLE and im super jealous!

Secondly, I have 3 dogs and a devon rex and not one of them feel left out. They all play "stacks on" and see who can get the better seat (Murfie usually sits on my shoulders lol).

I think Harry would be much better off with u than with someone that clearly doesnt want the handsome boy!

As for your other kitties, Im sure you will prob over compensate and give them more attention than before so they dont feel left out. As long as they still feel like they're higher up than him u should be fine. Im no cat expert but that seems to make sense??
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