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Joey and his eye

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Woke up this morning, and Joey seems to have something going on with one eye. He is winking it constantly, and it looks perhaps a tad swollen. I don't know what he might have done to it, or what I should do for him. Any suggestions?
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Just a silly suggestion, Deb, feel free to dispense it:

What about dampening a round cotton pad with cold water, and squeeze off the excess water a little, then place it gently on the eye area? Just gently leave it there while Joey is at sleep.

i wonder if your furbaby Joey has scratched or hurt his eye by accident? i did the same to Venus once. She is extremely hyper and i saw her hurt her own eye once at play. i used the dampened cotton pad to press gently on her hurt eye. It worked after several attempts.

Hope Joey is feeling better, Deb!

Smiles and Cheers!
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I know cats can get pink eye, like us humans too, so maybe it isn't even that...I would go along with Gurlpower and then take Joey to the vet if it doesn't look better by tomorrow!.HTH
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You can flush the eye out (if Joey lets you) with some warm water squeezed on to a cotton ball. Drain some of the excess water, but leave a little still on it, and then holding Joey down gently squeeze a drop of water in the corner of his eye. It could just be an ingrown eyelash, or an infection, or? Hard to say. If you have some terymicin ointment you can put a little on the tip of your scrubbed pinkie and put that into the corner of his eye and massage the eye gently. Think he and Squirt got into it (fightwise?)
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It seems better since he woke up from his afternoon siesta. He was after a lizard in the house last night. Last I saw before he went to bed, he was nosing around for it in my closet. I was thinking maybe he got poked or something. He and Squirt don't fight.
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He is totally back to normal this morning. I guess perhaps he did have an eyelash or something in there.
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Glad to hear his eye is better now! ((hugs))
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Glad to know Joey chump is back!!

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