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Bobbers biopsies report in-not good news

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The vet called me and the lump sent in is a neoplasm carcinoma that may have started to invade tissue under her arm area. When I take her in next week for stitch removal she will have a chest xray and this carcinoma frequently affects the lungs. If no lung tumors present they can continue to removal any tumors that develop under her "arm". If there are tumors present-well this is an aggressive carcinoma so treatment will not be likely effective. The first tumor she had removed 3/2007 which was most likely the same as this one.

So hoping for the best next week.
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Lots of and for Bobber and some for you.
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Oh Gail, Im sorry.
Sending so many vibes and prayers for Bobber and for you
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Weather permitting I'm stopping in at clinic tomorrow to have them fax a copy of path report to my sis. She works for a medical foundation and with oncologists and they would like to see report. And hopefully explain it in easy to understand verbage.
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I'm sorry to hear about Bobber's biopsy report. I know the pain that you're going through right now because my cat suffers from transitional cell carcinoma. Will you be pursuing chemotherapy?
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I also share the fear and sadness, I'm dealing with a kitty who has vaccine associated sarcoma (to his scruff and side (near shoulder)....the path report cited it as 'osteosarcoma of the soft tissue' which is very aggressive (the first 2 removal surgeries were obviously not enough). It's been 3.5 months since I found his current big scruff lump (was pea sized when I found it, now it's the size of half an egg).....and I was so discouraged because the Vet was a lot more aggressive in removing the lump in May....I had my fingers crossed.

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Well if the xrays have shown it has spread to her lungs they are not very optomistic.
She hasn't exhibited any symptoms of ill health so I'm hoping for good news.
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I pray it hasn't gone to her lungs
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Hi Gail,

I know different types of cancer act/spread different; some are more aggressive than others, some are less likely to spread behind the primary site. If you find that there's been no metastasis to the lungs, something you might want to consider? With Taco's type of tumor, there's a 10-25% chance it will spread to the lungs, so although there's little I can really do, I wanted to do whatever I possibly could to boost his immune system. I'm giving him daily Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor (a capsule that can apparently be sprinkled on the food but I give it by capsule, 1/2 morning and night). It's made from cow colostrum and avian eggs........and it's commonly used by pet owners whose cats and dogs have cancer. I can't say for sure if it's helped because I have no way of knowing how he'd be without it; in his case, his tumors have definitely enlarged but he's otherwise his usual chatty, lives-for-food self. I also give him ES Clear (a liquid herbal supplement). Let me know if you'd ever like some links on these supplements.

Taco had a chest xray done, at my request (Vet too daft to even think of it), prior this 2nd lump removal....on the basis that if it had spread to the lungs, I surely wouldn't proceed with this second surgery. It had not at that point.

Has it now since the new lump began in early Sept? I have no idea. I will not have an xray done, I see no point, for it simply won't change the outcome for Taco and I'd rather not know anyway. It's possible that it has, his tumors are large and they can't be all that far from his lungs. I just try to stay positive and cherish every day with him.
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Praying it isn't in her lungs
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Prayers for her to be ok.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
Praying it isn't in her lungs
same, here - & ...
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I'm so sorry to hear such sad news. I'll be sending plenty of & that the cancer hasn't spread.
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and prayers to you and to Bobber.
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Fingers crossed it hasn't spread.
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I hope it didn't spread.
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I spoke with sis this morning after she had a pathologist look at her report. Based on what she told me she has breast cancer which has started to show signs in her muscle tissue.
As for the chest x-ray what the doc looks for is called infiltrates. Any spots that show on her lungs may be tumors (which could be removed) or also be signs of a lung infection. Evidently they look alike on an xray. She also said that the report indicates that she has had this for some time (the cancer). March of 2007 she had a tumor removed from her face and under her arm so either of these could have been the start.
When she was spayed (at age 6 as we were working with a breeder) I remember the vet who did the spay at our clinic state there were grape-sized tumors on her ovaries.
The pathologist said the timeline may be a year at best.

So I'll see what the xrays show next week and find out what I should be doing next.

Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate them.
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Gail Im still sending postive vibes her way.
I know this must be so heavy right now
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Gail I am so sorry to hear this news. Sending vibes for you and Bobber.
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I am so sorry it is looking like mammary cancer, it is very aggressive and has a high chance of recurring and spreading. I pray that it hasn't spread to her lungs so you can do something. I did write an article on mammary cancer which is on here somewhere, after I lost a cat to this.
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