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My Orange Cat's A Bit Too Rough

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Hey, guys.

My girlfriend and I just adopted a wee tabby kitten a few days ago; we both think it's a good idea for our 2 year old orange cat to have a bit of company.

At first, the older cat wasn't too fond of the kitten, but now they get along fine.

The only problem is, when they play, it's quite rough. Now, I don't mind our cats rough housing, but, I don't believe the older cat knows his own strength. He frequently causes the kitten to mew or yelp in pain - and doesn't seem to notice that it means "Stop!". Of course, the kitten always comes back for more, which leads me to believe he isn't too hurt, but, yesterday, there was a small cut on the tip of his nose.

How is it I'd go about having our older cat play a little nicer with the kitten? He seems to be learning, slowly, if I leave them be, but I don't want to risk the kitten getting seriously injured.
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Keep the nails clipped short, beyond that, they'll have to sort it out themselves, I think.
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Nails clipped often and supervise their time together. Some adult cats are not fond of the kitten behavior. Many will adopt an adult companion for their adult cat and adopt kittens in pairs. That way everybody is happy.

Keep an eye on them until the kitten grows some. It will get better in time. Congrats on the new family member.
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The nail clipping seems like a good idea.

Is there any suggestion for the biting?

It's not that our cat doesn't like the kitten, it's just that he doesn't quite seem to know his own strength. He didn't have a kitten friend when he was younger, and couldn't have learned the rules the same way. He's only 2 years old, so, he's just like a kitty with size and strength.
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Sounds like the problem I was having. My older boy is three and the kitten is 5 months old, and they play rough, and the little one was about 6-7 weeks old when they first were allowed together. As I watched Freddy (the baby) yell when they played, I learned Freddy was always the instigator. Well, one day Seamus had enough and got him good, Fred had a cut on his ear, nothing serious, though I was a little upset by it. Fred pouted for a couple days, stayed away from Seamus while he calmed down, and Freddy learned who's boss.

If they get a little too rough, separate them for a little while, let them both cool off separately, that seemed to work with my boys, a simple child gate and when Seamus went looking for Freddy to play, I'd let Freddy back out.
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Get a third cat that's bigger than the other. That'll teach him a lesson.
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The first problem is that they are together when you've only had the kitten a few days. You should wait at least a week before introducing them.

Introducing them too early can equal them not getting along.

I would put the kitten in a room by itself for a week and let them sniff each other under the door.
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