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thunder in december

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Yeap! December and it is thundering!!!

What weather are you having??
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Same here - thunderstorm! Let's hope that stops before the tornado watch/warnings, right?
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Its really almost warm here, in the 50's, just a little windy
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We're getting the weirdest weather ever. December is the start of summer for us, and normally we would have started getting week long hot weather weeks and weeks ago. But it's going hot, cold, hot, hot, cold, cold, cold. Atm it is bucketing down with rain. We are know for extremely hot and dry christmases, so people are now wondering if we will actually have a bit of relief, meaning less bushfires and actual water in the dams and tanks.

I've got a jumper on, last year i might've been walking around in a singlet
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ugh they're calling for 25-30 cm of snow here tomorrow!! and of course my husband is away till next week!
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Don't hate me but it got to 75 today and the forecast for tommorow is
High: 79 Low: 58
TUESDAY Partly Cloudy
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Right now its snowing here, but its supposed to warm up and we are supposed to get freezing rain today and lots of rain.
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temp is 65 here right now, up 10 degrees from yesterday's high, and it's storming really bad!
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I've been hearing rumbling, and still am. But I'm not sure if it's a bit of thunder or just bad wind. It's been windy since early yesterday morning and raining on and off since 4pm.

It was 70F(21C) yesterday, 36F (2C) right now, and only supposed to be 40F(4C) today.
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
Don't hate me but it got to 75 today and the forecast for tommorow is
High: 79 Low: 58
TUESDAY Partly Cloudy

It's warm, wet, and windy today in my neck of the universe. Turning colder tonight. Hope not too cold because there is party i want to attend tomorrow.
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We had a heavy snowfall last week, but it's cold and frosty now
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We are supposed to have Thunderstorms here later too
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It's been raining here all day. I thought I hear thunder earlier but I'm not sure.
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Right now the temp outside is 76. We have a small chance of rain today and 40% chance tomorrow and 70% Thursday. I don't mind the warmere days but could do without the rain.
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All right. Who sent their winter weather this way? Now it's snowing and in early December at that!
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We have been having snow/ice today...yuck!!!
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Its 54 right now.
We have had pea soup valley fog for the last 12 days.
Our highs have been 45-47 all week.
I have a kitten coming tomorrow if the weather holds in North Carolina.
Its been to cold to ship her.
They have tstorms tomorrow so I am not sure if she will ship.
Today is the only day this week it has been over 47.
Looks like it will be around 46 the rest of the week for highs.
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Well, like Jacky, we have had terrible fog here but definitely not as much as in the Central Valley where she lives.

We will be having fog and sun and temperatures in the 50's maybe 60's if the fog burns off.

We hardly get thunder where I live. I think that there are maybe 1 or 2 t-storms a year. There are a number of them in the mountains, just not where I live.
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We've been back and forth here. We had rain turn to snow Saturday night. Then it went to cold and very windy. Today it was in the upper 50's, if not over 60 and windy. So windy when I opend the passenger side door to my car in the parking lot at walmart today and the wind sucked some trash right out... I think it was a hard candy wrapper and a tissue, but I couldn't tell where it went to go get it.
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It was in the low 20's yesterday and it had snowed about 4 inches the night before. I spent half of the time I went Xmas shopping sliding around in the unplowed parking lot at the mall. Right now, in contrast, it's 47 and pouring rain. It'll make for a nice messy drive.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
We had a heavy snowfall last week, but it's cold and frosty now
Do you get much snow where you are Susan?

Today was disgusting - slushy snow turned to rain and I was out in it all day. Discovered my boots are not waterproof as they claim to be.

Oh well, it should get cold enough soon and start snowing again.

ETA - I remember one year getting a couple of thunderstorms in December.
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We actually got a rumble or two of thunder just a little before noon. Nothing severe, just off in the distance. Then, it started to rain, and has been raining ever since. It's still about 50 degrees F here.
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When I went to work this morning,ot was so nice I carried my jacket.Walked out of the store and my car was thinkly coated with ice!Disgusting!It's very windy now from the north and cold!
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34 here, feels like 22 - it was snowing earlier.... and this is Dallas! Crazy! Tomorrow, high 45, low 30...
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