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winter question..

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after reading "no wonders" post - i wanted to ask if cats would borrow in leaves to keep warm? or if the woods overall is a warmer place for them

I do have a shelter out for them - but theres 30 cats...

I also ahve a whole bale of straw which i was going to give to someone else with ferals -but maybe Ill just throw that around the shelter as someone mentioned - so they can burrow in the straw.

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Throwing the straw around would benefit them. I don't know that they will burrow in leaves. I think leaves stay wet and decompose.

The woods where we feed is sort of dense. It really does block some of the wind.

We made shelters out of the rubbermaid bins. Cut a hole, lined inside with bubble wrap and an emergency 'solar' blanket (those little foil looking things), stuffed with straw, put inside a black heavy gauge trash bag and taped with black duct tape. You cannot see them in the woods.
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