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Becoming an ACO

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I've always loved caring for animals and taking in any stray that I could and I would like to actually make a future out of it by becoming an animal control officer. I will be 21 in June which is the required age. I'm a little sketchy on how you actually go about becoming one though.

I'm going to see about possibly volunteering at our local humane society for experience. My schedule at work changes weekly to daily so that may be tricky but I'm hoping to work something out.

What classes do I actually need to take for it?

Anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated!!!
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You should go to ACOFunstop.com

Good luck on being an AC. I have been trying for the past 4 years. Now I am an Animal Control Dispatcher, just promoted.

Just because you love animals doesn't mean you should be an AC. A lot of people watch too much animal planet and think that's what everyday involves. I assure you, it doesn't. It's a public safety job first and foremost. The public should always be your number one priority and it will be your number one priority.

Being an animal control officer means a lot of driving and and doing reports. Mostly bite quarantine reports.

Classes that are good to take. Report writing, Psychology, and criminal law classes.

It's hard becoming an AC. Positions don't open often and when they do it can be quite the selection process. Around here two positions opened ant they had almost 2,000 people apply for the jobs. I would say be willing to move. If you go to Govermentjobs.com you can search for AC jobs across the US.

Volunteering is good but actually getting a job at the Humane Society is better. Getting certified in euthanasia, being able to actually handle the animals doing FELV/FIV test. Restraining animals. ect..These are all things they generally don't let a volunteer do.

And to end that good luck and most importantly if you want it bad enough you will get it.

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I tried to get an actual job at the humane society but they wont hire anyone, its strictly volunteers only but I will continue to look into it.
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