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Cat fight?

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I am not sure what happened but when I went out to feed my strays tonight I found that Manson has a big injury on his back. It is a patch without hair, no puncture would that I can see.
He showed up at my house about 2 weeks ago and because I feed the others he has just moved in. He is not neutered yet. Could this be from a fight? He was fine when I saw him this afternoon.

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What a gorgeous cat! Too bad he doesn't belong to someone/isn't an inside cat. Bless your heart for caring for the strays.

He looks pretty friendly, if he's let you get so close to take the picture.

My only guess is that it was previously an abscess under the skin and has since opened? It sure looks red and inflamed. He sure could use a good check from a Vet, as the risk of infection is high.
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To add, maybe some animal took a bite out of Manny? A dog? coyote? Even with an abscess, I was thinking more about it, I don't know if you'd see as much red/raw skin showing that quickly...........this almost looks like a chunk of skin was taken right out.
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ouch, Im not sure what that is, but you definitely want a vet to see it. With an open wound like that you dont wont infection to set in. Poor guy, he seems really friendly.
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He is very friendly but he sprays and pees all over. I do bring him in from time to time, when I can watch him closely. I just don't want to risk my own cats. I also have 4 kids, one is a preemie so I really can't have the spraying and peeing. All of the cats I feed outside are VERY nice. We love on them every day. Someone drops them off in the parking lot next to my house. We had 5 show up one day, 2 tiny kittens and 3- 6 month old kittens. I found homes for the little ones but the bigger ones are still here. I think Manson might be related to them. I would take him to the vet right away but I don't have a job right now and both of my own cats have just recovered from URI's. I can't afford it right now. I am going to call a local rescue and see if they will help me out and get him neutered. I know that he should be inside, they all should be.

The wound looks like someone jerked the hair right out, taking the top layer of skin. It is about the right size for another cat or small dog.
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Oh poor baby, he looks exactly like Chuckles

It could either be a chunks of skin/fur that has been ripped out, or a burst abscess. if you can i recommend you take him to the vet. Either way it needs to be seen to.
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