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So disappointed its not funny

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Remember in the other thread I talked about the anniversary present I was so happy to get my husband. Well since 5pm its been one bad thing after another with that thing. Mad does not describe how I feel right now. First I go and get a battery for the watch and putting it in and setting the time should not be an issue. Well after I put the battery in I go to set the time, its an analog watch, and the stem breaks. No big deal we think just take the battery out and wait for that time to roll around and put the battery back in. Problem solved right? Well the whole piece the battery goes in comes off. Which would have been no issue because its supposed to come out, but one of the arms came off as well and that is a bear to get back on.

Right now the watch is unusable unless we are able to get that dang arm back on. Plus now the face is scratched. The only hope I have is taking it to a jewelry store and seeing if at least they can get the arm back on. Hubby is not happy about that idea because it might cost more than I spent on the watch. But I rather that than have a watch that he can not use.

I should have just bought him a mens gift set at walmart instead of that dang watch.
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Maybe you should contact the manufacturer? They may be willing to replace. Good luck.
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Oh, no. That's really a shame. Maybe you could take it to a jeweler for an estimate? It might be something that can be fixed inexpensively with the right tools. You never know. I bought a watch last year and couldn't shorten the wristband myself. I took it to the jewelry department of a department store, and the guy who changes batteries, etc., shortened it for me free of charge, even though I told him I'd bought it online, not at the store.
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Just return it for a replacement. No biggie.
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